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Rise of Industry Free on Epic Game Store

With little more than a box of crayons and a healthy supply of gumption, you’ll be able to create and optimize intricate production lines, astutely navigate the ever-ambitious business landscape, and perfectly gauge how far to push it before encountering catastrophic drops in market share.

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Do These Things Now to Keep Your PS5 in Tip-Top Shape

Are you worried about your PS5 heating up? Don't know what to do about it? Well, you're not alone.

The PS5 is an incredible piece of technology, but like all new hardware, it needs a bit of TLC to keep it running like the day it came out of the box. Keeping it in good shape isn't just about wiping down its exterior, it's also about ensuring that its hardware remains healthy so you can play all your games for many years to come.

In this article, we'll give you a view tips to ensure that your PS5 will keep you entertained until your next upgrade.

Do These Things Now to Keep Your PS5 in Tip-Top Shape

PSX to PS5

Sony's PlayStation 5 (PS5) is a powerful gaming console that, if not properly managed, can overheat, jeopardizing your hardware and game progress. Therefore, keeping the internal temperature at an acceptable level is vital if you want to enjoy the full potential of your console and maintain its performance for years to come.

Identifying the Problem

When it comes to the new PlayStation 5 (PS5) console gaming system, overheating can be a discouraging issue for gamers. It is important to understand the potential causes of overheating, so that you can take steps to prevent this problem and ensure your gaming experience is enjoyable and safe.

Identifying the Problem: In some cases, the problem may be within the system itself. If a PS5 console has been operating in extremely hot temperatures or is not being vented properly, it can accumulate large amounts of heat inside its casing and lead to very high temperatures. If air vents are blocked or if the fan malfunctions, this can cause major problems that often result in overheating as well. It is also possible that prolonged use without proper ventilation can raise your PS5’s internal temperature limits beyond what it is capable of withstanding

It’s also important to consider how long you play and your activities when playing on your PS5. Games with complex graphics or those playing in higher settings may put extra stress on the console because these operations require an additional amount of processing power, which in turn, generates heat. When you are playing for extended periods of time, these operations become increasingly strenuous on your console causing system instabilities, crashes, or even failure.

Ways to Avoid Overheating

It is essential to take care of your PS5 console to ensure it is running optimally and to prevent it from overheating. Here are two simple steps that you can take right now to achieve this and keep your console healthy.

Ventilation: Make sure your console has plenty of space around it when you're using it so that the hot air generated has an adequate outlet and the system doesn't struggle during long gaming sessions. Keep at least 6-10 inches (15-25 cm) of space on all sides, including the back, and front to allow for proper ventilation.

Maintenance: Dust build-up on the internal fans, vents, and heat sinks can be a major cause of overheating, leading your PS5 console to work harder than necessary. In order to maintain optimal temperatures, ensure that these components are regularly inspected for dust buildup. A textured cloth can be used for light dusting but deeper cleaning will require a can of compressed air to fully blow out any dust or dirt build-up.

Proper Ventilation

Proper ventilation is one of the most effective ways to prevent your PlayStation 5 from overheating. Ensure the console is placed in a well-ventilated spot and has adequate side clearance, especially the back panel. Place it away from electronics and other items that could block the ventilation system, and never place the console flushed against a wall or a solid object.

Additionally, be aware of the room's temperature, as it should not exceed 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius). Finally, ensure that any exposed ventilation panels are not covered or obstructed in any way, and keep your PS5 away from direct sunlight and LCD bulbs, as those are known to give off excessive heat.

Keeping the Console Away from Heat Sources

Keeping your console in a clean, cool, and well-venti, related area is essential. Keeping it away from heat sources such as a fireplace, heater, furnace, and direct sunlight will help ensure the temperature doesn’t rise too high while you play. This not only makes the system more efficient with power consumption, but it also helps to prevent the internal components from pushing their temperature to unacceptable levels.

When placing your console make sure there are at least 2 or 3 inches of space between the front and back of the console to let airflow move freely ensuring heat does not build up inside. It is also important to consider any obstacles that could restrict ventilation for example window treatments, electronics or furniture pieces.

Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance of your PlayStation 5 is essential to reduce the risk of hardware failure and overheating. Performing basic maintenance on your gaming system will help keep it running cooler, which can result in improved gaming performance and system longevity.

1. Clean the fan vents regularly. Make sure to carefully blow any dust or debris away from the heat sink, fan, air vents, and other components regularly using a can of compressed air. Do not use a vacuum cleaner as this could damage the components inside.

2. Keep your console in an open area with good air circulation. Make sure not to place your PS5 near objects that could block the fan’s intake or exhaust vents, such as bookshelves, televisions, furniture, or other things that could impede airflow around the console.

3. Position your console upright instead of laying it down flat on its side when playing games or watching movies for extended periods of time, as this may cause overheating due to an obstruction in airflow circulation within the unit's case design structure.

4. Update your PlayStation 5 system software frequently with any available updates that Sony releases periodically to ensure peak performance and optimal cooling features enabled by default in newer versions of their software packages such as Fan Maintenance Mode which can be scheduled once per day or every few days manually through settings menu option.

Regular Restarts

Regular restarts will help to prevent your PS5 from overheating. Restarting a console on a regular basis helps keep memory and storage allocated more efficiently, and it also helps to improve performance.

Additionally, restarting your PS5 on a regular basis can help keep the console's temperature lower by allowing it to reset its cooling system and clear its thermal history. This is especially important during longer gaming sessions where the console can become overheated due to prolonged use.

Make sure to restart your console at least once every few days for maximum performance and cooling efficiency.

Safeguard Your Investment and Fun

In conclusion, following the advice in this guide is essential for preventing your PS5 from overheating, so make sure your console isn't in an enclosed space, properly managing airflow and adjusting the fan settings will help you protect your console and extend its lifespan. In addition, keeping dust out of the console by regular cleaning and putting a cooling fan underneath it can also help reduce any type of heat build-up.

Remember that no matter how careful you are with your setup, if something goes wrong with the system's hardware or software, it could be a sign that something needs to be addressed quickly. So be sure to contact Sony's customer service if you worry that your system may need servicing or repairs.

When Does Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty Take Place?

At The Video Game Awards, beloved developer CD Projekt Red (CDPR) revealed the latest gameplay footage for Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty — the first, and unfortunately last, expansion for our favorite cyberpunk game. The expansion is set to release in 2023 and will include a major addition to the cast: Idris Elba.

That's right. CDPR confirmed that Elba will be playing Solomon Reed, an FIA agent for NUSA in this upcoming covert-ops themed expansion. Set in a brand new district in Night City, Elba will be making his debut among a cast of other returning characters, including the fan-favorite, Keanu Ree— whoops, Johnny Silverhand.

But the biggest question remains: when exactly does this expansion take place?

It Will Probably Take Place Before the Final Mission...

In the recently uploaded gameplay trailer, there are obvious references to Rogue, Johnny Silverhand, and of course, V. This means that the expansion most likely takes place before the final mission of the last game.

Personally, I had hoped that it would follow the pacing of the Blood and Wine expansion for CDPR's other RPG, The Witcher 3, and take place some time after the final events of the last game. Without revealing any spoilers, I think that would have been a great way to provide fans with a bit of closure on the fate of V and Johnny.

But who knows? A man can dream. Perhaps a third teaser will feature other beloved characters, hinting at the game taking place after the events of the first game. If the CDPR Gods are kind, it'd also be nice to get an in-game reference to a certain someone from the popular Cyberpunk: Edgerunners anime series (but that might be wishful thinking...).

Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty is set to release on next-gen consoles and PC sometime in 2023.

Borderlands 3 Giveaway

TL;DR: We're giving away Borderlands 3. Simple.

We're celebrating the birth of our new website look and feel with one of our favorite games of the last few years: Borderlands 3.

Ian Ilano - Borderlands 3

Drawing closes Friday, 4/30 @ 11:59 PM PST. Be sure to register and check-out select requirements in the form below for extra chances to win!

Redout: Space Assault Review - Lock and Loaded

TL;DR: I know I've been playing this game too long when I tried barrel-rolling my Subaru down the street.

Game: Redout: Space Assault
Developer: 34 Big Things Studios
Platform: PC
Description: Redout: Space Assault puts you in control of a Super Orbital Recon Fighter during the 2395 Colonization of Mars: dive in the fastest, most epic, and exciting arcade space battle you can experience. Outsmart, outmaneuver, overpower, outclass your opponents in lightning-fast, adrenaline-inducing single-player space combat.

Redout Space Assault 1
TIP: Use your thrusters and barrel rolls often to get past even the most harrowing levels.

Seeing RED

Redout: Space Assault is as intense physically and mentally, as it is graphically. It's amazing how much destruction is packed on screen at once. At times, your greatest foe isn't the gigantic asteroids that are trying to take you out, but rather the onscreen confusion. Yes, this game is loaded with amazing effects, gorgeously rendered backgrounds, and endless swarms of enemies. But because this is a 'rail shooter' at its core, you can usually get through the most ardent levels unharmed if you concentrate enough.

Redout: Space Assault is as intense physically and mentally, as it is graphically.

The controls are accessible and easy to pick-up. Since the game literally guides you through each stage, most of your shooting will be done in a Y and X-axis plane which means you can focus more on the action rather than on the controls. If you loved games like Star Fox and Panzer Dragoon, the nostalgic feeling will kick in almost immediately as you roll out of danger and unleash a barrage of fire from your ship's blasters.

As with most shooters of this type, holding down the fire button will charge up more powerful shots that will lock on to multiple targets within range. This is especially helpful since enemy threats will come at you from all sides. Fortunately, the game provides a generous amount of continues which makes the game easier and faster to complete.

Since the game is a rail shooter, always stay in the center so you roll out the way!

hop aboard the red eye

While most players might be let down by the different approaches the developers have taken with this title, it's still a fun little arcade blaster that packs a punch. If you're even remotely interested in shooters, you should give this one a whirl.

If you're even remotely interested in shooters, you should give this one a whirl.

I've got some good news and bad news. The good news is that if you enjoy pretty space shooters, this game will have you drooling like cops at a donut shop.

The bad news is that if you've played previous versions of Redout, you might be disappointed to find out this isn't the game you remembered playing.

If there's a complaint I can voice about Redout: Space Assault, it's that you often don't know how much danger you're in. From your point of view, you'll see a missile coming at you, but it's not very clear whether you're going to get hit or not. An enemy missile may seemingly curve into you or, worse yet, be off the screen for most of its trip, then pop in at the last instant to hit you. It's frustrating and affects your ability to survive essentially making the game harder to beat ? but your enemies will have a hard time getting a bead on you if you constantly move around, so barrel-rolling is often the key to surviving.

The game just looks amazing!

Similarly, it's not easy to shoot with precision, even when you have an aiming cursor on-screen. In a nutshell, Redout: Space Assault is a good game that will occasionally frustrate and confuse you but usually titillates, with moments of "ooh" and "ahs" built-in.

In a nutshell, Redout is a great game that will occasionally frustrate and confuse you but usually titillates, with moments of "ooh" and 'ahs' built-in.

Whether you're a grizzled veteran gamer who remembers the old school shoot'em ups fondly or a tenderfoot rookie new to the world of shooters you'll find a lot to like here. All in all, Redout: Space Assault won't win any awards for originality, but it does deliver lots of action and fun. And that my friend, is where it counts.

Generation Zero's Resistance Update Is Coming Soon!

TL;DR: Generation Zero celebrates its second anniversary with a free Steam weekend and new surprises ahead!

Systemic Reaction is proud to celebrate the second anniversary of its original debut title, Generation Zero! The open-world stealth-action game, which pits players against sinister machines in an alternate-history 1980s Sweden, has sold over one million copies since its release in March 2019 on PC, PlayStation?4, and Xbox One.

And now's the perfect time to dive in: Generation Zero is free to play on Steam until March 21 and available for 70% off as part of Steam's Avalanche Studios Group Sale!

From Zero to hero

I can't believe it's been two years already. When we first released Generation Zero, we were a small team sitting in the indie corner of Avalanche Studios trying something we'd never done before, our enthusiasm totally outweighing our experience as a self-publisher, says Emil Kraftling, Creative Director at Systemic Reaction. But we stayed committed to building a game in collaboration with our fans, and two years later, it's grown with tons of content and a wonderful community, with even more to come!?

Beyond just a milestone, Year 3 will deliver an exciting new direction for Generation Zero that puts players on the front line of the battle against the machines, with a breadth of new features and content coming throughout 2021. As the game shifts from 1989 to 1990, new threats and world revamps will emerge, as well as the long-awaited introduction of base building. You?ll also be able to engage in home base defense encounters, fighting off waves of enemies to survive. The next major content update, Resistance, will launch for free on PC and consoles on April 27.

I can't believe it's been two years already. When we first released Generation Zero, we were a small team sitting in the indie corner of Avalanche Studios trying something we'd never done before, our enthusiasm totally outweighing our experience as a self-publisher.

Emil Kraftling, Creative Director at Systemic Reaction

Generation Zero has been a labor of love for the development team, which has continued growing side-by-side with the community. The game has seen numerous updates and two story-driven expansions: Alpine Unrest and FNIX Rising. With more than one million players helping to drive the experience since it launched, Generation Zero is looking forward to yet another great year ahead!

For more info, visit Generation Zero's Steam page, and follow us on Twitter @GenZeroGame.

Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord - Your Ultimate Cheats Cheat List

I've been playing Bannerlord for over 20 hours. And while I have already had my fair share of plain old vanilla fun, I?ve been looking for cheats to spice things up.?Unlike Warband, however, Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord makes it a bit more difficult to enable console commands. Don?t worry ? it?s still fairly simple.


To enable cheats:

Congratulations! Your cheats should be enabled. Now go and enjoy furiously smashing your keys and knocking out entire armies with a push of a button.

Here's a list of cheats I've been using.


If you want to get a little spicier, console commands are a step up from the above listed hotkey cheats, providing you easy access to limitless gold, xp, renown, and every item in the entire game. Yes, every item.

Enabling console commands is a more lengthy process. To begin, you'll need to install and activate the Developer Console mod.

To enable console commands:

For numerical commands, replace ##### with a number. For example, if you want 10,000 gold, you would enter: campaign.add_gold_to_hero 10000.

List of commands I?m using:

This view is not-so vanilla.

Modders have compiled a list of commands. However, be warned that not all of these commands have been tested by us. They may break something!


While I don't intend to spoil my game with cheats and console commands, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't fun to fool around in-game a bit. Nothing wrong with booting up the console command, creating an army of Khuzait Heavy Horse Archers, and pillaging every village and town like a Calradian-era Genghis Khan.

That's actually how I've spent the last 10 hours of game time, and I'm not embarrassed to admit it at all.