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July 21, 2024
SNK vs Capcom SVC Chaos (Steam) Review

Explore the blend of nostalgia and modern gameplay in SNK's fantastic remastered brawler

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July 20, 2024
Top 10 Home Insects: Annoying but Essential

Discover the surprising benefits of common household insects and earn how these tiny creatures contribute to your home's ecosystem.

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July 19, 2024
Blurry But Cute - First Pictures of Bigfoot Jr.

Are they real or just another blurry hoax? Find out in this article about Junior's photo press debut

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July 18, 2024
Megacopter: Blades of the Goddess (Steam) Review

Relive retro gaming glory with a nostalgic helicopter shooter blending classic charm with modern twists

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July 16, 2024
The World After the Dinosaur Apocalypse

Explore the ten events following the extinction of dinosaurs, from climate changes to the rise of new species, and how this paved the way for modern life.

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July 15, 2024
What's in a Name? How Your Favorite Consoles Got Their Names

Learn the intriguing histories and meanings behind the names of your favorite game consoles like NES, PlayStation, Xbox, and more. Dive into the creativity and vision that shaped these iconic brands

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July 14, 2024
A Look Back: Blade Force 3DO

Explore Blade Force, the 3DO game that soared ambitiously, complete with quirky gameplay and notable 32-bit limitations

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July 14, 2024
Horizon Chase 2 (PC)Review

Horizon Chase 2 delivers thrilling arcade racing with stunning visuals, addictive gameplay, and a killer soundtrack. A must-play for retro gaming enthusiasts.

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July 13, 2024
Who Would Win in a Fight: Zangief or the Hulk?

Explore the ultimate face-off between The Hulk and Zangief. Analyze their powers, abilities, and a hypothetical battle scenario in this in-depth comparison.

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July 12, 2024
Is it OK to Pee in a Public Swimming Pool? A Splashy Debate

Discover why peeing in a public swimming pool is a bad idea. Learn about the health risks, myths, and proper pool etiquette to ensure a clean and enjoyable swimming experience.

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July 11, 2024
Bang Average Football (Steam) Review - The Underdog of Soccer Games

Bang Average Football', a nostalgic soccer management sim that blends strategy, RPG elements, and heartfelt storytelling

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July 10, 2024
Indie Game Scams: The Bane of Honest Developers

Discover how indie game scams are tarnishing the reputation of honest developers and what gamers can do to avoid falling prey to these fraudulent practices

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July 9, 2024
Five safest places to hide and shelter during a zombie apocalypse

Discover the top 5 safest hideouts for surviving a zombie apocalypse. From shopping malls to remote islands, learn where to seek refuge from the horde.

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July 9, 2024
Mirthwood Demo Impressions: A Sandbox RPG Full of Potential

Explore a vibrant medieval world in this promising RPG life simulator. From farming to combat, shape your adventure in a richly detailed sandbox environment.

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July 8, 2024
And No, the Raspberry Pi 5 Can't Play Xbox Games 

Discover why the Raspberry Pi 5 can't run Xbox games. Explore hardware limitations, emulation challenges, and alternative gaming options.

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July 8, 2024
Fair and Square: A Geometric Twist on the Classic RTS

Discover Fair and Square, the innovative RTS game blending classic mechanics with roguelike elements. From indie title from Octopus Engine

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July 7, 2024
From Gluttony to Glory: The Gut-Busting Tale of Competitive Eating

Discover the wild world of competitive eating, from Nathan's Hot Dog Contest to global food challenges

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July 6, 2024
Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries That Still Baffle Experts

Discover why these 10 unsolved mysteries continue to baffle experts and captivate imaginations worldwide

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July 5, 2024
Slam 'n Jam 95: The Groundbreaking 3DO Basketball Game

Discover Slam 'n Jam, the pioneering 3D basketball game for the 3DO console and its innovative graphics, gameplay, and impact on sports gaming history

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July 4, 2024
A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead - Survival Horror Game Unveils Chilling Story Trailer

Survive deadly creatures in 'A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead,' a new single-player horror game set in the film's universe. Coming soon to PC and consoles.

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July 4, 2024
Top 5 Indie Games with Paranormal Twists

Discover the best indie games with paranormal themes. From mysteries to psychological horrors, explore our top 5 picks for an unforgettable experience.

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July 3, 2024
Japan's Internet Speed Breakthrough: 402 Tbps and Your PC's Worst Nightmare

Japanese researchers achieve mind-boggling 402 Tbps internet speed. Discover what this means for the future and why your PC isn't ready for it.

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July 2, 2024
Aspyr Brings the Hunt to Modern Platforms with STAR WARS: Bounty Hunter

STAR WARS™: Bounty Hunter™ remastered for PC and consoles, launching August 1, 2024.

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July 1, 2024
GameStop CEO Ryan Cohen Breaks Silence, Seeks Help on X

GameStop CEO Ryan Cohen breaks silence, actively recruiting app developers to lead the gaming retailer into a new digital era.

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June 30, 2024
Beyond Doom and Wolfenstein: The First True FPS Game

Uncover the forgotten pioneers of FPS gaming that set the stage for today's blockbuster shooters.

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June 28, 2024
Relive Nostalgia: Why Playing Resident Evil on the PC is Better than Ever

Experience the timeless Resident Evil on your PC. Discover how to play the original horror game with enhanced graphics, improved controls, and more.

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June 26, 2024
Red Rocks UFO Sighting: Object Vanishes After Flashlight Beam

Discover the details of the recent UFO sighting at Red Rocks where workers witnessed an object vanish after being illuminated by a flashlight beam.

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June 21, 2024
Noreya Launches with Pixel-Perfect Perils

Noreya: The Gold Project - Choose between Corrupting Gold and Purifying Light, explore intricate pixel art worlds, and face epic bosses.

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June 15, 2024
The Force Awakens...Confusion: What Happens When a Non-Fan Directs a Star Wars Movie

A look into this amusing exploration of how a different perspective shakes up storytelling, character arcs, and fan expectations.

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June 10, 2024
Olympus Mons: Mars' Tallest Mountain Dwarfs Everest

Explore Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in our solar system. Learn about its formation, geology, and potential for future Mars missions.

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June 8, 2024
Unleash Defiance in the World of Ancient Gods with Dawn of Defiance

Explore ancient Greek myth in Dawn of Defiance, a survival-crafting game. Build, face trials, team up in multiplayer on Steam and Epic Games Store.

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June 4, 2024
Alien Encounter in Sin City

Explore alien encounter where a family claims 12-foot beings landed in their backyard. Discover expert opinions, police reports, and the ongoing mystery.

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June 1, 2024
Cozy Space Survivors Review - Your Quick Gaming Fix

Dive into "Cozy Space Survivors," and enjoy the pixelated adventures and cosmic battles in bite-sized chunks, perfect for quick gaming sessions.

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May 28, 2024
How to Survive a Mike Tyson Punch

Hilarious guide on dodging Mike Tyson's fists of fury. Spoiler Alert: Your chances are slim to none.

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May 24, 2024
Steam Next Fest Feels the Bite of Vampire Dynasty's Demo

Embrace immortal power in this dark fantasy world of Vampire Dynasty were you build castles and make gut-wrenching choices that shape your realm

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May 15, 2024
Is Godzilla Male or Female? The Answer May Just Surprise You

Discover the surprising truth behind the gender of everyone's favorite kaiju. The answer might just roar back at you.

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May 11, 2024
From Zero to Mythic Hero: Unleash Your Inner Godslayer in Dawn of Defiance

Embark on an epic survival adventure with Dawn of Defiance! Craft, build, and battle in a mythic open-world setting inspired by ancient Greek mythology.

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April 21, 2024
Step into Cryptmaster: Where Your Words Really Matter

Embark on a unique adventure with Cryptmaster, where your choice of words shapes the fate of undead heroes in a mysterious, text-driven dungeon craw

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April 18, 2024
A Stitch in Time Saves... The World? Timemelters (Steam) Review

Dive into the time-bending world of Timemelters, a unique strategy game that combines hero defense, witch trials, and temporal shenanigans.

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March 9, 2024
Heading Out: A Road Trip Where the Story Drive You

Embark on a unique road trip across America with 'Heading Out', an immersive driving game and promises a journey fueled by personal narrative.

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March 8, 2024
Embark on an Epic Journey in "Outcast - A New Beginning" – Pre-Order Now for Exclusive Discounts!

Embark on an Epic Journey in "Outcast - A New Beginning" – Pre-Order Now for Exclusive Discounts!

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February 28, 2024
Turtle Power: The Return of Heroes in a Half Shell!

Join the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in their latest adventure and experience new levels, bosses, and co-op action on all major platforms in 2024.

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January 14, 2024
Max Payne: Why This Noir Classic Remains Unbeaten

From its groundbreaking Bullet Time mechanic to its gripping noir narrative, find out how this classic has stood the test of time.

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January 14, 2024
They're Coming... Arrival: Zero Earth (Steam) Review

Arrival: Zero Earth uses the immediate threat of a War of the Worlds apocalypse to echo with a gasping frenzy the feelings of vulnerability that highlights our fears of the unknown and the unexpected.

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January 12, 2024
Why the Iowa Caucus Matters: A Look at the First Crucial Step in the GOP Presidential Race

Understand the unique caucus process in Iowa and discover why this state sets the presidential race's pace.

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January 11, 2024
A Sobering Look into the Trenches of Medical Management: War Hospital (Steam) Review

Experience the gritty reality of WW1 field hospitals in War Hospital and explores the game's immersive environment and powerful narrative.

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January 10, 2024
Stay Hydrated and Game On: The Top Gaming Water Bottles for Endurance and Performance

Discover the ultimate gaming water bottles designed to keep you hydrated and at peak performance.

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January 9, 2024
Mystery in the Depths: Philippine Miners' Encounter with the Unseen

Discover the tale of five Filipino miners trapped in the depths of the earth, their encounter with mysterious figures, and the power of faith.

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January 7, 2024
Leftists in the Crosshairs: Alex Jones: NWO Wars (Steam) Review

Jump into the fray with our review of Alex Jones: NWO Wars, where political satire meets arcade action

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January 4, 2024
New Year! New You? Tips on How To Keep Your New Years Resolution

This article provides valuable tips on how to set realistic goals, stay motivated, and overcome common challenges faced in keeping New Year's resolutions.

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January 2, 2024
Shaking Off the Post-Holiday Blues: Your Guide to Regaining Joy and Energy

Beat the post-holiday blues with our expert tips! Discover why you feel down after the holidays and how to bounce back with simple, effective strategies.

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January 1, 2024
Game On in Small Spaces: 10 Must-Have Items for Your Compact Gaming Oasis

Discover how to transform your tiny desk into a gaming paradise with these 10 essential items. Perfect for small apartments, rooms, and tight office spaces.

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January 1, 2024
Gaming 2023: Reflecting Back on the Top 10 Pixels of Progress

Explore the top 10 gaming industry milestones of 2023 that reshaped the digital playground. From PS5's exclusives to Steam, and what awaits in 2024.

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December 31, 2023
What's in Store for Pokémon Go in 2024?

Discover what exciting updates and features are coming to Pokémon Go in 2024. Stay ahead of the game and catch 'em all with our comprehensive guide.

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December 30, 2023
Was Philip Schneider a Heroic Whistleblower Exposing a Government-UFO Conspiracy?

Explore the life of Philip Schneider, former government engineer turned UFO informant and uncover his shocking allegations about secret underground bases.

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December 29, 2023
Step into the Ring with a Smile: Casual Pro Wrestling (Steam) Review

Pile Drive into your way into the world of Casual Pro Wrestling. This indie title offers a unique blend of retro, arcade style wrestling, and ragdoll physics.

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December 28, 2023
Gypsy Rose Blanchard's Twisted Path From Victim to Convict to Free Woman

Discover the story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard, from fabricated illness to orchestrating her mother's death, and her early prison release.

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December 28, 2023
The Top 10 Games to Spend Your Money on During the Steam Winter Sale

Discover the best games to spend your money on during the Steam Winter Sale. Explore our top picks and make the most of your gaming budget!

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December 27, 2023
Grab a Wendy's Bacon Jr. Cheeseburger for One-Cent This Week. Here's How

Score a Wendy's Bacon Jr. Cheeseburger for just one cent! Just use the Wendy's app to unlock this mouth-watering deal before it's gone.

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December 26, 2023
Unveiling Flat Earth Theory: A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding Why Some Believe the Earth is Flat

Explore the reasons why some people believe the Earth is flat and discover the psychological and social factors to this intriguing belief system.

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December 26, 2023
Thrilling Space Combat Meets Rogue-Lite Strategy: Star Survivor (Steam) Review

Experience the ultimate space combat with rogue-lite elements and strategic gameplay of Star Survivor

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December 25, 2023
From Pixel to Picture: 10 Video Games That Conquered the Silver Screen

Dive into the evolution of video games with our list of 10 video game movies that made a blockbuster impact, and a few that game-overed on the silver screen.

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December 25, 2023
Got a New PS5 For Christmas? Here Are 5 Games You Should Be Playing Right Now

From action-packed adventures to immersive RPGs, we've curated the top 5 must-play games to elevate your new PlayStation 5 experience.

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December 24, 2023
Eggnog DIY: Turning Your Kitchen into Santa's Secret Bar

Say goodbye to store-bought versions and hello to a creamy, homemade Eggnog that's perfect for the festive season.

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December 24, 2023
The Rise and Fall of "The Guild" Franchise

Explore the captivating journey of The Guild franchise. From the humble beginnings of Europa 1400: The Guild to the ambitious sequels of The Guild 2 and 3.

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December 24, 2023
Behind the Screams: The Art of Crafting Cinema's Most Nightmarish Monsters

Explore how filmmakers craft horror cinema creatures through conceptualization, special effects makeup, CGI, and sound design to create icons of terror.

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December 23, 2023
The Curious Case of Christmas Ugly Sweaters: A Trend That Stuck

Dive into a colorful history of fashion, fun, and holiday spirit with our in-depth look at this enduring trend

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December 23, 2023
Unleashing Galactic Metal and Mayhem - Valfaris: Mecha Therion (Steam) Review

Discover how this sequel transitions from platformer to shooter, offering a unique blend of metal music, apocalyptic visuals, and high-octane gameplay.

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December 23, 2023
Game Over: What's Next for the Gaming Industry After E3?

What Happens Now? Explore the evolving landscape of the gaming industry following the end of E3.

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December 22, 2023
A Crust Above - Born of Bread (Steam) Review

Discover why 'Born of Bread' is the fresh experience the gaming world has been craving

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December 20, 2023
The Top 10 Mortal Kombat Fighting Games that isn't Mortal Kombat

From the intense action of Dragon ball Z to the strategic battles of Soulcalibur, discover games that deliver adrenaline-pumping excitement.

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December 19, 2023
Shohei Ohtani's Unprecedented Move to the Dodgers: The One Thing That Tipped the Scales

Discover how Shohei Ohtani's groundbreaking move to the Los Angeles Dodgers symbolizes more than just a team change.

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December 18, 2023
An Upper-Cut of Fun - VanillaBeast: Retro Knock-Out! (Steam) Review

Dive into the world of VanillaBeast: Retro Knock-Out! and relive the 16-bit era with captivating character designs, and a captivating story mode.

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December 17, 2023
The Afghanistan Giant: Myth, Man, or Mirage?

Discover the Afghan Desert Giant: a mystical, towering figure roaming the arid landscapes of Afghanistan's deserts.

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December 16, 2023
A Game So Wild, It Makes Rambo Look Tame! John Mambo (Steam) Review

Experience the adventure of the lone wolf, John Mambo, in a world of chaos, humor, and retro gaming excitement

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December 11, 2023
Guardian War: Rediscovering the 3DO's Tactical RPG Masterpiece

Dive into the enchanting world of Guardian War, the iconic tactical RPG for the 3DO.

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December 9, 2023
The Unstoppable Rise of Lego Fortnite: A Blocky Battle Royale Phenomenon

Discover the magic of Lego Fortnite - a captivating blend of Lego's creativity and Fortnite's dynamic gameplay.

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December 7, 2023
The Cokeville Miracle: A Story of Faith and Survival

Uncover the remarkable tale of the Cokeville Miracle—a testament to faith and survival.

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December 5, 2023
A Storm of Excellence - Risk of Rain Returns (Steam) Review

Risk of Rain Returns, the remastered roguelike sensation by Hopoo Games, featuring new Survivors, enhanced graphics, and revamped multiplayer modes.

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December 3, 2023
The Alleged Alien Encounter During the Vietnam War

Explore the captivating story of an alleged shootout between American soldiers and extraterrestrial beings during the Vietnam War.

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November 30, 2023
Uncover the Haunting Secrets of Brazil's Drowned Lake

Embark on a twisted adventure in the sinister Drowned Lake, where truth is elusive and danger lurks at every turn.

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November 26, 2023
The Enchanting Mystery of the Cottingley Fairies

Discover the captivating story behind the Cottingley Fairies, a famous hoax that fooled the world with enchanting photographs of mythical creatures

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November 13, 2023
KO.DLL Unleashes a Retro-Gaming Gem in Bzzzt

Discover Bzzzt, the latest retro game by indie developer KO.DLL and immerse yourself in a pixel precision platformer inspired by 80s gaming

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November 3, 2023
Making Waves: Tunnel Boat Terror (Demo) Impressions

Immerse yourself in the extreme conditions and compete against real-life racers to become a power boat racing legend.

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November 2, 2023
Surviving the Unthinkable: How Tsutomu Yamaguchi Lived through Two Atomic Bombs

Learn about the incredible story of Tsutomu Yamaguchi, the man who survived both atomic bombings in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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November 1, 2023
Candy Overload? Here's How to Make the Most of Your Leftover Halloween Treats

Discover creative and delicious ways to repurpose your kids' leftover Halloween candies with our expert tips

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October 31, 2023
Characters, Combat, and Chilling Atmosphere: You Will Die Here Tonight (Steam) Review

Unravel the mysteries of Brekenridge Estate while fighting zombies in this exciting arcade combat.

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October 30, 2023
Old-School Joyride with a Modern Twist: Super Power Racing (Demo) Impressions

Indulge in a nostalgic ride with Super Power Racing, the top-down arcade racing game by Monster Finger Games.

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October 29, 2023
The Forest is Alive with the Sound of Screaming

Dive into the pixelated pines of DON'T SCREAM, the indie horror game that challenges players to explore Pineview Forest without letting out a scream.

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October 27, 2023
How Sony's Latest Console is Set to Smash Records by Year-End

Explore the remarkable success of Sony's PlayStation 5 as it gets set to break sales records by the end of 2023

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October 25, 2023
The Deep Symbolism of the White Pumpkin

Discover how this porch decoration stands for inclusivity, hope, and remembrance, making Halloween a more meaningful celebration for everyone involved.

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October 24, 2023
Sailing the High Seas of Fun: Sea of Survivors (Steam) Review

Set sail with Sea of Survivors, an addictive game where you fight off swashbucklers, monstrous sea creatures, and uncover cursed treasures.

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October 21, 2023
Nostalgia Meets Innovation: Wyvia (Steam) Review

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Wyvia, an exquisite game where classic 16-bit graphics and modern 3D gaming converge.

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October 19, 2023
The Mysterious Prisoner Thought to Be Czar Nicholas

Explore the mystery of a prisoner believed to be Czar Nicholas II. Dive into the evidence, controversies, and questions surrounding this historical figure.

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October 18, 2023
Counting Down the Top Five Horror Movies that Stand the Test of Time

From the haunted halls to spinning heads, these classics have sent shivers down our spines and solidified their place in horror movie history.

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October 16, 2023
The Final Curtain Call for DVDs at Best Buy

Best Buy's DVD Farewell. See how the tech giant is making room for future innovations and what's next on the tech giant's playlist.

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October 15, 2023
A Nordic City-Builder's Dream: Land of the Vikings (Steam) Review

Dive deep into 'Land of the Vikings,' a stunning city and discover the intricate details, from graphics to gameplay, that sets this Viking adventure apart.

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October 13, 2023
Of Pixels and Peril: Arksync (Demo) Impressions

Explore the vibrant world of Arksync where a war robot and its tiny bear sidekick embark on an epic quest to get back home

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October 12, 2023
Bang Average Football is a Nostalgic Netbuster (Demo) Impression

Relive the charm of 16-bit soccer with Bang Average Football and experience the best of retro gaming with a modern twist.

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October 10, 2023
California’s Rainbow Connection: The Skittles Ban/Unban Saga

Dive into California's Skittles controversy as we unravel the titanium dioxide twist and find out if Californians can still taste the rainbow.

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October 8, 2023
My 10-Day Vacation on Critter Cove

Dive into the world of Critter Cove with our 10-day immersive journal experience. Crafting and exploring the island await in this colorful life-sim adventure

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March 29, 2023
Due to Global Crisis, EA Lays Off 6% of Workforce

Electronic Arts, a renowned video game publisher, has announced a 6% layoff of its workforce due to the global economic crisis

April 8, 2023
Skies Above the Great War: A Flight Simulator That Takes You Back in Time

Skies above the Great War is an intense flight sim set in the First World War and jump into any cockpit at any time to join the fight.

February 28, 2020

TL;DR: Overpass is a very good off-road simulator that focuses on finesse rather than speed. If you like this type of sim, don't pass this up! buckel up bubba! The term 'off-roading' may inspire thoughts of guys named Otis and Bubba tearing through the muddy backwoods in a modified jeep with empty beer cans and […]

February 19, 2023
The Forgotten Eject Button on the SNES: Did Anyone Ever Use It?

In this blog post, we take a look at the forgotten eject button on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and ask if anyone ever used it.

May 21, 2021
World's First Dolby Rig Pro Controller Out Now in North America

Rig Pro Controller Out Now in North America

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