March 13, 2023

2112TD: Tower Defense Survival Review | WalaWalaGames

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2112TD: Tower Defense Survival Review | WalaWalaGames

By Joel | March 13, 2023
2112TD: Tower Defense Survival Review | WalaWalaGames

2112TD is, perhaps, one of the better tower defense games I’ve played in a long time.  I say better, not to insult the other games, but to be accurate in my description. While I played my fair share of them in the past, many have improved since then, but most tower defense games released so far have not. 2112TD is the exception.

2112TD: Tower Defense Survival | WalaWalaGames

A Good Offense is a Strong Defense

Developed by Refinery Games, an independent studio that intended for the game to appeal to those who wanted a game that played like traditional tower defenses but with an added element of having players be hands-on. As far as I know, this is their first release, stamping their talents on a genre that has yet to see much change in the last few years. They are also very proactive on the Steam forums, which suggests they are heavily vested in feedback and criticism.

The plot: Sometime in the future, mankind is engaged in a war of survival and exploration. They have taken a foothold on every habitable planet, bringing with them the technology and hope for a brighter future. Unfortunately, the indigenous creatures that occupy these lands do not take kindly to this unwelcome visit and form an alliance with one another to kick out the invaders.

Unlike other tower defense games where you place your weapons strategically and let the game play out, 2112TD adds the element of having the player micromanage the upgrades and airstrikes. During the battle, you can upgrade your weapons to three levels or disable them if they become ineffective. This hands-on approach is one of the most redeeming merits of the developer's designs because it remains faithful to the traditional gameplay but adds an element of sly immersion.

Spanning ten planets, you drop down from the skies inside your command center, doubling as your coffin. In other words, protect it at all costs, or it's game over. Your defensive method is to machine gun these monsters to death with high-caliber turrets. Although this works well for the first few waves, it’s not enough to stop them completely. Flamethrowers, energy guns, and artillery seem to work much better.

2112TD: Tower Defense Survival | WalaWalaGames

Hold the Line!

The game’s narration is done through text, crossed with fuzzy TV style broadcast. After every breathless story, a cursor blinks above that describes the situation and what dangers are expected. Once you're familiar with the game objectives, you touchdown on the planet and the show begins.

Aesthetically, 2112TD is heavily laden with cool little effects like explosions, smoke, and fire. The graphics look similar to games designed in the 90s, specifically Starcraft, with its static landscape, washed-out effects, and blurred landscape.

Gameplay-wise, 2112TD will be familiar to anyone who has played a tower defense game and will immediately know what to expect. Enemies will come forward in waves, and your defenses will fire to counter them. Succeeding waves will introduce bigger, stronger enemies like giant trolls and flying creatures. Some adversaries make your protection ineffective by shutting off its power, thus, making them useless. This is done so elaborately that it makes the battles more satisfying to watch.

Keeping your priorities straight is the primary key to surviving the attacks. The first is strategically placing defensive weapons along checkpoints to slow the incoming waves. The second is to upgrade them as often as possible when funds are available. This is especially useful in later levels when enemies can absorb more damage and when more firepower is needed. And third, constantly repair your central command, as enemies will always fall through the cracks, so leave a turret or two right by it. And lastly, utilize air strikes and drones efficiently, as they can tip the tide of war toward your side.

After completing a wave, you gain credits that you can use to upgrade your current armament and purchase more powerful weapons, which you can use intermittently to fend off attackers who've breached your last defenses. But don't think you can spam these super weapons constantly as a timer limits when you can deploy them, so use them sparingly and only when needed.

2112TD: Tower Defense Survival | WalaWalaGames

The Future of Tower Defense

Like any tower defense game, the game's challenge increases with each new wave and level, but it never reaches the point of frustration, so you can always feel a sense of accomplishment after a few rounds of playing. If there's a caveat in the game, is that I could not zoom out as far as I would have liked, making scrolling the only option to see the entire battlefield. Hopefully the developers can patch in a functional zoom feature.

Overall, however, 2121TD: Tower Defense Survival offers a joyous experience, especially if you're a fan focusing on strategy and tactics more than fast reflexes. The game has a unique old-school feel that will keep you entertained for hours on end and is one of the few games that lives up to the promise of providing a riveting and white-knuckled experience. So, if you are looking for an enjoyable tower defense game with lots of strategic options, then this game is undoubtedly worth checking out.

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