March 29, 2023

What if the 3DO Had Won the Console Wars?

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What if the 3DO Had Won the Console Wars?

By Nick | March 29, 2023

Suppose the 3DO had won the console wars. Who knows what would have been different in the gaming landscape today? Many experts believed this ill-fated console was ahead of its time and probably too advanced for its good. With herculean ambitions, the 3DO Company, headed by industry icon Trip Hawkins, aimed to revolutionize gaming with an entirely new platform.

The 3DO boasted some impressive specs that at least rivaled those of other consoles on the market. Despite its potential, however, it underperformed due to several factors, including cripplingly high production costs, which made it the most expensive system at launch, and poor marketing efforts by both hardware and software manufacturers.

But what if things turned out differently? Have you ever wondered what our gaming lives would be like if the 3DO had taken the top spot in the console wars? What would gaming have looked like over the past 30 years?

Get ready to explore the possibilities with this article on such a fascinating scenario. You'll be surprised to explore a world where the 3DO could have rewrote the future of gaming.

What if the 3DO won the console wars

Atari Would Have Collapsed Sooner

As one of the primary game developers of the time, Atari's strategies and products relied heavily on making games using their impressive library of arcade titles. If the 3DO rose to success, Atari would have inevitably lost out due to its inability to keep up with market trends compared to its competition.

Without a stronghold in both hardware and software production due to its reliance on outdated systems, Atari would be left without any leverage against rival brands during this period when solace was gained from owning both front and back-end of game-making chain production.

Without this buffer, Atari would have been at a disadvantage when competing against firmly established decades-old companies like Nintendo and even newcomer Sony, who had hit the ground running with their marketing approach, which quickly dubbed them “the cooler kid” on the block by way of creative commercials and other media buzz.

As a result of needing more consumers compared to its rivals, we may have seen Atari completely collapse earlier than it did following its debts exceeding billions of dollars. Fortunately for us gamers today, such an alternate universe only exists within fiction.

Still, it serves as an essential lesson that companies that rely on their legacy must stay ahead of trends instead of clinging onto past success without innovating or making adjustments along the way, or risk being crippled by the competition.

Sony Would Have Come in Second Place

It's often said that history is written by the victors and that the losers fade away to obscurity, and this statement certainly rings true when discussing console wars. If the PSX had lost, Sony's ambitious approach to gaming would have been squashed, meaning players likely wouldn't have experienced some of their favorite franchises, including Gran Turismo, Metal Gear Solid, or God of War, which is still beloved by fans today.

This outcome would have been a world away from the one we know today, as Playstation has become an industry leader with new technologies such as virtual reality devices, streaming services, and classic collections of fan-favorite games. However, if the 3DO had won, the early years of console gaming could have taken an entirely unexpected path if just a few details had changed, showing how fleeting success can be in this ever-evolving industry.

Electronic Arts Would Have Developed Titles Only for 3DO

It's hard to tell exactly what would have happened had the 3DO won over gaming fans, although it can be said with certainty that Electronic Arts would only have developed games for the 3DO.

At this time, Electronic Arts or EA for short, was a major player in the PC and video game industry and had invested heavily into researching and developing games for the 3DO thanks to their connection with former EA CEO, Trip Hawkins.

A win for the 3DO could have meant more success for Electronic Arts as a publisher. The company would likely have focused its resources on creating a wide range of titles exclusively for this gaming platform, resulting in an even more incredible selection of quality titles to players at an affordable price.

On the contrary, if 3DO had come out on top there could also have been fewer opportunities for other developers and publishers to establish a foothold in an already-overcrowded gaming environment. Innovation might have been hindered as gamers become more conservative with their spending habits rather than invest in new products from existing publishers.

Ultimately, it's impossible to know what would have happened in this scenario, but one thing can be said with certainty is that Electronic Arts would not have made any games or published any titles on any other platforms other than the 3DO.

Trip Hawkins Would Have Been the Most Powerful and Influential Man in all of Gaming

Had the 3DO reigned supreme, Trip Hawkins could justifiably have been anointed gaming's ultimate king. He had co-founded Electronic Arts, one of the most profitable game companies ever, and his 3DO console presented interesting technological advancements.

In a parallel universe, he could have developed a revered legacy on par with industry titans such as Shigeru Miyamoto or Steve Jobs in both influence and power. He may have even surpassed those icons to become world-renowned, similar to tech luminaries Elon Musk and Bill Gates. For whatever reason, it wasn't meant to be, but at least no one can take away Trip's place as a true gaming pioneer.

Nintendo Would Take on the 3rd Spot in the Industry

If the 3DO had come out on top, then Nintendo would have been in third place behind Sony in the console wars. This would have meant a dramatic shift in market power for these three companies and a whole new range of gaming experiences for consumers.

In addition, new genres of games would have emerged when developers started exploring this more powerful technology. Unfortunately, we'll never know what could have been since it was not to be, and Nintendo remains one of the leading game developers in the world today.

When determining if the 3DO could have won out over Nintendo, we must look back at what happened during those years leading up to 1995 when Sony moved into home video game entertainment with their PlayStation console that eventually ended up toppling Nintendo's reign atop their throne.

Sega and Microsoft Would Not Have Entered the Console Wars

Sega's Dreamcast would likely have been released as a direct competitor if the 3DO won the console wars. Microsoft would have had difficulty entering this market without any predecessor to compete with Sony’s PlayStation. If released, the XBOX would likely have laid dormant after losing its battle with Sega and Sony, making it difficult for Microsoft to find its footing in home entertainment consoles without having any major competition.

With the launch of the Dreamcast in 1998, Sega provided an inspiring opportunity for other players to join in on the fun; as well as allowing gamers who owned either system (or both) some quality alternatives for gaming experiences beyond what each individual could offer alone. This also marked an important time where Nintendo took note of occurrences along with other companies such as Microsoft planning on making their own moves into hardware based games entertainment systems by 2001.

In short, if 3DO had succeeded over Dreamcast in 1998, then there may not be an Xbox today competing against PlayStation or Nintendo, leading us to wonder how different our current landscape may be across all platforms.

Microsoft's XBox Would be a Niche System like the Neo Geo

Microsoft's Xbox would likely have become a niche console like Neo Geo, with a core fanbase keeping it alive. While it had some well-received titles, such as Halo and Forza, it would have ultimately failed to gain traction in the market due to the popularity of the 3DO and PlayStation.

On the other hand, Sony's PlayStation 2 was also released in 2000 with a more powerful CPU and significantly cheaper cost at just under 299 USD. Sony leveraged their strong marketing to dominate over Nintendo and Sega, while Microsoft focused on developing PC software instead of setting foot into the game console market yet.

Ultimately, Sony's success led to an entire ecosystem of interchangeable parts, such as memory cards and controllers, which has solidified its position in the gaming industry ever since. Had it not been for PlayStation's presence, Microsoft may have had more influence over home consoles than it does today, which likely competed more strongly with Nintendo than Sega in particular.

But even with Playstation's widespread presence and the 3DO dominating all hardware and software sales, any competitor has little incentive to enter into what could've otherwise been becoming a completely different gaming industry from what we know now.

Gex Would be the Premier Mascot of the Gaming World

In this heated battle of the systems, 3DO made a name for itself with its innovative hardware and released its first authentic platformer, GEX. This gecko was a beloved game character gaining a cult following poised to take over as the premier mascot of the gaming industry had 3DO won the console wars.

Gex stood out among his contemporaries, like Mario and Sonic, as he offered a unique twist on platforming gameplay. His wisecracking personality combined with his adventurous quests made him popular among both children and adults alike. He even made it into pop culture at one point being referenced on hit shows like “Friends” and “Seinfeld”.

In addition to being incredibly funny, Gex would have become one of gaming's biggest stars as well as famous within other forms of media as a super-mascot if 3DO had won out in the console wars. This would mean plenty more adventure titles featuring our favorite lizard would have been released.

Unfortunately, that wasn't what happened, but it's fun to daydream about what could have been with one unlikely hero from 3DO's library, leading us all into a new age of interactive entertainment.

Gone But Never Forgotten

It's fun to think of all the possibilities that might have occurred if Trip's machine has taken the world by storm. Instead, we can only speculate and wonder. Still, we must remember that the Panasonic 3DO was part of an iconic era in gaming, a time when the future of consoles was uncertain, and developers were experimenting with new and innovative ways to bring their visions to life.

While it may not have achieved the success it wanted, its legacy still lives on in the form of its many great titles, its influence on other consoles, and its contributions to the gaming industry. So thanks to the 3DO, the “console wars” had a whole new contender, forever changing the landscape of gaming.

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