April 19, 2023

5 Reasons Why NBA LIVE 10 is Still the Best of the Series

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5 Reasons Why NBA LIVE 10 is Still the Best of the Series

By Rafie Rhee | April 19, 2023

NBA LIVE 10 by Electronic Arts was a game changer in every sense of the phrase. This game took the LIVE series back to the top of the video game sports world with its impressive graphics, realistic game play, and unique features. NBA LIVE 10 introduced Dynamic DNA, a technology that allowed the game to analyze and update the skills of real-life players throughout the season.

This gave players a more authentic experience on the court, as they had to take into account the real-life strengths and weaknesses of their favorite NBA player. Live 10 also added a new feature called "Live Season," which gave players the ability to download real-world game statistics and use them to inform their in-game decisions.

Here are 5 reasons why we feel NBA LIVE 10 continues be the standard that all basketball games should follow.

1). Realistic Gameplay: NBA Live 10 had a gameplay system that was praised for its realism. It had improved player movement and animations, which made the game feel more like actual basketball. The game was designed to simulate the actual NBA experience, with realistic player movements, physics, and ball handling.

2). Depth of Modes: NBA Live 10 had a range of modes that were well-developed and engaging, including the popular "Be a Pro" mode, which allowed players to create and develop their own player, and the "Dynasty" mode, which let players manage and build their own team over several seasons.

3). Graphics and Presentation: NBA Live 10 featured excellent graphics and presentation, with realistic player models, detailed courts, and high-quality animations. The game also had excellent commentary and sound effects, which added to the immersive experience.

4). Online Features: NBA Live 10 had a robust set of online features, which allowed players to compete against each other in various modes, including ranked matches and tournaments. The game also featured a social hub, where players could interact with each other and share their achievements.

5). Innovation: NBA Live 10 was seen as an innovative game, as it introduced several new features and improvements to the series, including an improved dribbling system, a new post-game system, and the ability to create custom plays. The game also featured a new physics engine, which made the gameplay more realistic and dynamic.

Well, there you have it. It's safe to say that NBA LIVE 10 set a new bar for sports video games, and has remained a fan favorite for many gamers alike.

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