September 16, 2023

A Penny for Your Burger? Fast Food Giants Go Retro with Prices for National Cheeseburger Day

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A Penny for Your Burger? Fast Food Giants Go Retro with Prices for National Cheeseburger Day

By Nick | September 16, 2023

Hold onto your buns burger aficionados because this juicy news might make your condiments slip. Two of our favorite fast-food giants, McDonald's and Wendy's, give a throwback to the days when pocket change could fetch you more than just nostalgia.

McDonald's rolls back to 50 cents and Wendy's slings one for a penny! Dive into this juicy deal, but make sure you're app-ready

In a move that's sure to send meat lovers into a frenzy, McDonald's is offering their iconic cheeseburger for just 50 cents, while Wendy’s, not to be outdone, is practically giving theirs away for – brace yourself – a single penny. But before you start scouring the couch cushions for loose change, be warned: these delicious deals are only accessible through their respective online apps.

Now, let's chew on a bite-sized history of the cheeseburger. As American as apple pie, the origins of this dish are disputed with some claiming that Lionel Sternberger was the genius who first slapped cheese on a patty in Pasadena, California, back in the roaring 1920s.

Others, however, argue it was the brainchild of Louis Ballast of Denver, who trademarked the cheeseburger in March 1934. Whoever it was, we owe them a massive gratitude because these morsels have filled our bellies and hearts with its gooey goodness for nearly a century.

So come September 18, get ready to relish the past. Whether you're Team McDonald's or Team Wendy's, there's no losing when burgers are up for grabs at these prices. But remember, while the prices might be enticing, the method of snagging these deals is very 21st century.

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