March 22, 2023

Aliens: Dark Descent Announced With New Gameplay Trailer

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Aliens: Dark Descent Announced With New Gameplay Trailer

By Nick | March 22, 2023

20th Century Studios, in collaboration with indoors Interactive and Focus Entertainment, announced today that Aliens: Dark Descent, a strategic, real-time, squad-based tactical action game set in the iconic Alien universe and featuring original story elements, will launch worldwide on June 20th of, 2023 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. Accompanying this announcement was the release of a showcasing video gameplay and detailing what to expect when your ship crash lands on planet Lethe.

Aliens: Dark Descent Announced With New Gameplay Trailer

Release Date & Gameplay Commentary Trailer:

Fans of Aliens: Dark Descent are thrown into the freezing atmosphere of space, requiring them to make use of tactical abilities to untangle an immersive Alien narrative containing hidden secrets, classic Xenomorphs, and new dangers. Players can plunge into the horror and marvels within Aliens: Dark Descent's story-driven campaign.

Players will be tasked with recruiting, leveling up, and commanding their squad of Colonial Marines in real-time, using intuitive controls across keyboard/mouse and controller. Commands issued through comms will be swiftly obeyed by the marine most suited for the situation according to their abilities and equipment. Players must employ strategic thinking to successfully navigate expansive, persistent, and reactive levels and complete objectives. Ensure individual vitals are checked since death is permanent for marines lost in combat.

For more information, visit the Focus Entertainment website.

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