January 10, 2023

A Real Life Antari Collection

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A Real Life Antari Collection

By Nick | January 10, 2023

It appears Atari has made some real inroads with a certain species of the ant world. One gamer recently got quite the surprise when they discovered a swath of ants had made their way into their collection of Atari games, taking up residence in an unconventional nesting site; that is to say, a precious game cartridge case.

Antari - Ants Have Made a New Home in Atari Collection

To make matters worse, it seems like this colony had room to grow and no intention to leave at this time. It would seem bugs have always been attracted to gaming technology, but this gamer's Atari collection has suffered an infestation even greater than many collectors have experienced in the past.

If you hear buzzing coming from your console during playtime, perhaps think twice before popping open the lid as you never know what kind of critters could've found a new home inside.

One Reddit user had a lot to contend with the day he realized that his cherished collection of Atari games had become a temporary home for some unfortunate ants who, let's face it, deserved a much better place.

The photo shared on Reddit showed the full extent of their predicament as an entire case of Atari games almost completely obscured by ant activity. Despite the gravity of this terrible turn-of-events, the Atari owner found solace in humor in the form of a rather drab caption: “Ants built a nest in my Atari game collection :(” - and who can deny that that not-so-smiley face perfectly encapsulated the mood?

Perhaps one good thing to come out of this disastrous situation is that at least someone gained some unexpected gaming buddies.

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January 10, 2023
A Real Life Antari Collection

Perhaps one good thing to come out of this disastrous situation is that at least someone gained some unexpected gaming buddies.

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