July 2, 2024

Aspyr Brings the Hunt to Modern Platforms with STAR WARS: Bounty Hunter

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Aspyr Brings the Hunt to Modern Platforms with STAR WARS: Bounty Hunter

By Rafie Rhee | July 2, 2024
STAR WARS™: Bounty Hunter™ remastered for PC and consoles, launching August 1, 2024.

Aspyr Media, in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games, has announced the highly anticipated release of STAR WARS™: Bounty Hunter™, set to launch on August 1, 2024. This enhanced edition of the classic 2002 game will be available on multiple platforms, including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam.

Announcement Trailer: YouTube

A Legendary Bounty Hunter Returns

Players will once again step into the boots of Jango Fett, the most feared bounty hunter in the galaxy. This remastered version of STAR WARS: Bounty Hunter serves as a prequel to the events of Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, offering fans a deeper look into the backstory of the iconic character.

Enhanced for Modern Gaming

The 2024 release brings several improvements to the original game:

  • Updated visuals that maintain the charm of the 2002 PlayStation 2 and GameCube versions
  • Refined controls for smoother gameplay
  • A new Boba Fett skin, unlockable after completing the campaign

Pre-order Incentives

Eager fans can pre-order STAR WARS: Bounty Hunter now and receive a 10% discount. The game is available for pre-purchase on various digital storefronts, including SteamNintendo eShopPlayStation Store, and Xbox Store.

A Long-Awaited Promise Fulfilled

In a nod to longtime fans, Aspyr has included a special feature that pays homage to the original game's most infamous easter egg. The 2002 release contained a hidden message promising players the ability to play as Boba Fett after cashing in all bounties.

While this feature was not implemented in the original game, the 2024 edition makes good on that promise by including a Boba Fett skin as a reward for completing the campaign.

The Hunt Begins Soon

With its immersive storyline, enhanced graphics, and improved gameplay, STAR WARS: Bounty Hunter is poised to captivate both nostalgic fans and newcomers alike. As Jango Fett, players will embark on a thrilling journey through the Star Wars universe, hunting down dangerous criminals and uncovering a sinister plot.

Mark your calendars for August 1, 2024, when STAR WARS: Bounty Hunter launches across all major gaming platforms. Prepare to don your Mandalorian armor and let the hunt begin!For more information about the game and its development, visit Aspyr's official website or follow them on Twitter.

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