July 13, 2023

Unlock the Hidden Wonders of Atlas Fallen with the Developers' Captivating Gameplay Presentation Video

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Unlock the Hidden Wonders of Atlas Fallen with the Developers' Captivating Gameplay Presentation Video

By Rafie Rhee | July 13, 2023

Deck13, a studio under Focus Entertainment, has unveiled a thrilling sneak peek into the development process of their highly anticipated game, Atlas Fallen. This upcoming epic fantasy action RPG promises exciting battles against mythical creatures and the use of extraordinary superpowers.

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Unlock the Hidden Wonders of Atlas Fallen with the Developers' Captivating Gameplay Presentation Video

Prepare to embark on an adventure through scorching desert landscapes as the highly anticipated game launches on August 10th for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. To secure your copy in advance, pre-order now. Additionally, discover "Behind the Sand" with the latest video that offers a peek into the creative process of the development team.

After completing their sci-fi series, The Surge, the team decided to venture into a new and exciting project. They envisioned a captivating medieval fantasy realm infused with faster-paced combat, and today, they have unveiled a video showcasing their incredible creation.

In this video, you will meet the talented developers and creative minds behind Atlas Fallen. They share their passion and insights while presenting gorgeous concept art and game footage. Get ready to embark on a fun, thrilling, and inspiring adventure that awaits you in this unique world.

Unlock the Hidden Wonders of Atlas Fallen with the Developers' Captivating Gameplay Presentation Video

The gameplay presentation provides a glimpse into the exciting blend of exploration and combat in Atlas Fallen. The dedicated team behind the game offers their valuable insights, giving you a deeper understanding of its mechanics.

Prepare yourself for an energetic world filled with hidden mysteries and breathtaking locations. The combat system is designed to be easy to grasp yet empowering, ensuring immediate excitement and granting you the freedom to customize your play style to your liking.

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