November 3, 2022

The Sci-Fi Action RPG "Atomic Heart" Drops In February 2023 for PC and Consoles

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The Sci-Fi Action RPG "Atomic Heart" Drops In February 2023 for PC and Consoles

By Nick | November 3, 2022

The release date for Focus Entertainment and Mundfish's upcoming action RPG Atomic Heart, set in the mad utopia of an alternate post-WWII world, has been announced.

Enter a world of wonders and perfection where humans and their AI creations coexist peacefully… or so it appears. Explore a twisted sci-fi world, blasting rogue robots, giant machines, and even mutants to set the record straight on this deceptive utopia.

Adapt your fighting style to each opponent, and use your surroundings and upgrades to gain an advantage in a visceral, spectacular, and unforgiving combat experience. You'll have to pay in blood to find out the truth.

Pre-order Atomic Heart today to gain access to exclusive weapon skins with the "Labour & Science Weapon Skin Pack." The title is available in three editions: the Standard Edition, which includes the base game; the Gold Edition, which includes the base game plus the Atomic Pass; and the Premium Edition, which includes all content in the Gold Edition plus an exclusive digital artbook and extra cosmetics.

The Atomic Pass expands the Atomic Heart experience with four DLCs that grant access to new areas and labs, as well as new weapons, enemies, bosses, and more!

You can read more about the Atomic Heart here.

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