October 12, 2023

Bang Average Football is a Nostalgic Netbuster (Demo) Impression

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Bang Average Football is a Nostalgic Netbuster (Demo) Impression

By Nick | October 12, 2023

This game immediately caught our eye during Steam's Next Fest. For those who have longed for the days when football games weren’t drowning in complex controls and overcrowded menus, developer Ruairi Dx brings to the pitch a heart-pumping throwback: Bang Average Football.

Drawing inspiration from classics like Sensible Soccer and Superstar Soccer for the SNES, this title sets a new standard in retro soccer games.

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Relive the charm of 16-bit soccer with Bang Average Football and experience the best of retro gaming with a modern twist.

Simplified Controls, Unlimited Fun

First and foremost, let's explore the title's simple yet intuitive accessibility. With just two-button controls, Bang Average Football caters practically to everyone, from the rookie players to the seasoned soccer pros.

So, whether you're a football fan or just exploring the world of sports games, this one’s for you. Plus, it's not just about the men on the field, because the game offers a wide range of both men's and women's teams, making inclusivity at the game's forefront.

Just for Kicks

However, don’t be deceived by its initial simplicity; both in controls and graphics. Beyond the surface lies a rich RPG layer that will have you making both short and long term decisions.

For example, have you ever dreamt of transforming a struggling franchise into a World Cup-worthy contender? Well, here’s your shot. From team management and transfers to stadium upgrades and sponsorships, Bang Average Football brings real-world depth to your virtual soccer career.

Between matches, you'll be able to explore side-quests across various towns and clubs as well as boosting your skills, your rep, and setting the stage for an unforgettable soccer legacy.

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Relive the charm of 16-bit soccer with Bang Average Football and experience the best of retro gaming with a modern twist.

Kicking It Retro-Style

But not all gameplay and strategy make this indie gem unique, as the aural experience makes the action stands out, too. The energetic music, paired with evocative sound effects, intensifies every match, making every goal and every miss count.

All in all, Bang Average Football is your go-to for a harmonious blend of retro charm and innovative mechanics. Whether you're challenging friends in local multiplayer, embarking on the single-player journey, or just chilling to its soundtrack, this game has something for every soccer enthusiast.

Eager for more? Head on over to our retro-section or check out the official Bang Average Football trailer to get a glimpse of the action.

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