September 13, 2023

Starfield 1.7: Bethesda's Celestial Update Makes the Stars Shine Just a Little Bit Brighter

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Starfield 1.7: Bethesda's Celestial Update Makes the Stars Shine Just a Little Bit Brighter

By Rafie Rhee | September 13, 2023

Oh, Bethesda, you did it again. Just a week after launching their much-anticipated game, Starfield, the Elder scrolls developers are back at it, ensuring players have a smoother ride through the universe with update 1.7. And let's be real here: isn’t the best part of a Bethesda game waiting for those delightful updates that push the experience from "great" to "stellar"?

From nebulous beginnings to stellar updates, Bethesda's Starfield journey continues its ascent to space glory

The Good, The Bad, and The Spacey

Starfield hit the gaming scene on September 6, 2023, and while it garnered a fair amount of positive praise, some would say it hovered in the "pretty average" range. But, like the legendary Phoenix (or maybe just a quirky spaceship), Bethesda games have a knack for rebirthing into something legendary. Remember the early days of Skyrim? That beast took a while to find its wings. And let’s not be too hasty in casting our final judgment on Starfield. With the current update, it’s already refining the galaxy.

Fixing Those Space-time Anomalies

A little birdy (or maybe it was an intergalactic parrot) told us that this update brings some much-needed fixes to stability, crashes, and framerates. Few things can be more annoying than your spacecraft crashing (both in-game and out). Thanks, Bethesda, for ensuring we don’t have to reboot our spaceship every time we're trying to dodge a space asteroid.

Future Endeavors: Lighting up the Universe

It's not just about the here and now. Bethesda has teased even more support for Nvidia-enhanced graphics control. Gamers with eagle eyes can look forward to DLSS and HDR options lighting up their screens soon. To infinity and beyond! Well, to higher resolutions and vibrancy, at least.

Learn more about Nvidia's Line of Graphics Card

The Galactic Verdict

Starfield is on its way to becoming another classic in Bethesda’s star-studded lineup. While it may currently feel like a nebula in the grand universe of gaming - a little hazy and undefined - remember that even the most radiant stars take time to form.

So strap in and get ready for the journey, because with Bethesda at the helm, we’re confident that we’re in for one wild, intergalactic ride. And if you've missed out on this astral adventure so far, check out our Starfield Review and decide if it's time to launch.

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