December 29, 2023

Step into the Ring with a Smile: Casual Pro Wrestling (Steam) Review

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Step into the Ring with a Smile: Casual Pro Wrestling (Steam) Review

By Joel | December 29, 2023
Pile Drive into your way into the world of Casual Pro Wrestling. This indie title offers a unique blend of retro, arcade style wrestling, and ragdoll physics.

As I was channel surfing the day after Christmas, I stumbled upon an old WWE Raw Event rerun, and it got me thinking; I haven't played a wrestling game in ages. So, I started browsing through the various WWE 2K titles on Steam, and that's when I spotted it: Casual Pro Wrestling.

Instantly, a flood of memories rushed back of a pixelated Hulk Hogan dropping his leg, the "Superfly" jumping high and far from the top ropes, and the familiar sound of slotting an SNES cartridge into place. Those were the days when wrestling games were all about having a blast. And now, Patrick Dinklage's Casual Pro Wrestling is here to bring back that same fun-filled nostalgia and pile-driving your modern gaming expectations right into that golden era.

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Pile Drive into your way into the world of Casual Pro Wrestling. This indie title offers a unique blend of retro, arcade style wrestling, and ragdoll physics.

The Main Event

The moment you boot up "Casual Pro Wrestling," you're greeted with an electric atmosphere reminiscent of a Monday night showdown. The game's main attraction, undoubtedly, is the ability to wrestle your dream match in the most dramatic fashion possible. Bodies fly, crash, and contort with every punch, thanks to the ragdoll theatrics on display.

With a joyous blend of arcade simplicity and the slapstick hilarity of ragdoll physics, this little indie gem grapples with your heartstrings and refuses to let go. It's like someone took your childhood wrestling action figures, injected them with a dose of modern game design, and let them loose in a physics sandbox where gravity is just another participant in the royal rumble.

And let's talk multiplayer madness. Whether you want to grapple with your pals on the couch or toss them over the ropes online, this game is ready to turn your living room into WrestleMania. The split-screen action is a riot, ensuring that up to four players can join the mayhem simultaneously, delivering a drop-kick to social distancing boredom.

With over 50 larger-than-life characters to choose from, boredom is left outside the ring. But why stop there when you can create your wrestling persona or download pre-made classics? You haven't lived until you see Tony the Tiger or Colonel Sanders enter the ring. You can choose their moves, style, and entrance music to make every match uniquely yours.

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A Few Bumps Outside the Ring

Despite its charm, Casual Pro Wrestling isn't without its share of faceplants. At times, the animations can feel as stiff as a wrestler after a folding chair greeting, which can break the immersion faster than a botched storyline. And those hitboxes? Let's just say they can be as unpredictable as a heel turn, leaving you swinging at thin air like you're trying to tag in an invisible partner especially since the movements can be so slow.

With a move list that could use a few more pages and counter mechanics still waiting backstage for their cue, there's room in the ring for improvement. But remember, this title is still flexing its muscles in Early Access, and with a developer as dedicated as Patrick Dinklage listening to fan feedback, there's strong potential for this underdog to become the heavyweight champion of casual wrestling games.

Dive into the world of 'Casual Pro Wrestling,' where nostalgia meets modern gaming. This indie title offers a unique blend of arcade-style wrestling and ragdoll physics, capturing the essence of classic wrestling games with a fresh, hilarious twist. Perfect for multiplayer fun and reliving the golden era of wrestling games.

A Solemn Nod to Nostalgia

All in all however, Casual Pro Wrestling isn't just a game; it's a time machine. For those of us who grew up bashing buttons in the age of 8 and 16-bit gaming, it's a heartfelt tribute to simpler times and a reminder of afternoons spent with friends, crowding around bulky CRTs, where our biggest worry was whether we could hit our finisher in time for dinner.

And in an era where games often chase hyper-realism and complexity, Patrick Dinklage's creation dares to dream differently. It taps into the pure innocence of play: fun. As I look back on those days through the lens of Casual Pro Wrestling, I'm reminded that sometimes, it's not about perfect pixels or flawless physics—it's about the laughter and memories created with every ridiculous ragdoll-powered DDT.

So here's a big Ric Flair "WOOOOOOO!" to Casual Pro Wrestling, and may its Early Access journey lead to a glorious championship belt.

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