August 2, 2023

All Aboard the Zombie Express - Choo Choo Survivor (Steam) Review

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All Aboard the Zombie Express - Choo Choo Survivor (Steam) Review

By Joel | August 2, 2023
All Aboard the Zombie Express - Choo Choo Survivor (Steam) Review

Every once in a while, we come across a game that chugs along with a steam-powered determination, defying the conventional parameters of its genre, leaving us somewhere between incredulous and riotously entertained.

Choo Choo Survivor, by the aptly named indie developer GTGD, has claimed its hallowed seat in the halls of such oddities. Marrying rogue-lite mechanics with the bullet-survival genre, this locomotive of a game bravely ploughs through the undead landscape with as much hilarity as it does ingenuity.

All Aboard the Zombie Express - Choo Choo Survivor (Steam) Review

Ride or Die

The game is a heretical cocktail of sorts: take the aesthetic appeal of "Night of the Living Dead," add in the locomotive charm of "The Polar Express," then sprinkle liberally with Carmageddon's grizzled determination. Stir it all together and you've got the post-apocalyptic party that is "Choo Choo Survivors." Running straight through decaying cityscapes and rotting country-sides, your iron horse spews forth hot leaden destruction upon the swarms of gnarled and snarling zombies that dare to block your path.

What would otherwise be a grave undertaking becomes a joyride of mirthful massacre, thanks to the game's devotion to upgrading your armament into instruments of comedic overkill. Watch gleefully as your humble pistol evolves into an arsenal worthy of a steampunk Terminator, with weapons that range from the practical (machine guns, flamethrowers), to the absurd (cannonballs? Really?). The game is a testament to the principle of escalation, and it executes this with a wry smirk.

As the conductor of this fiery juggernaut, your strength grows exponentially. The rogue-lite elements ensure that no two journeys are alike, making the already hazardous tracks even more treacherous. This is where Choo Choo Survivor reveals its surprisingly strong game mechanics. Despite its quirky presentation, the game demands thoughtful strategies, reflexes as fast as a bullet train, and an undying persistence to weather the relentless zombie storm.

All Aboard the Zombie Express - Choo Choo Survivor (Steam) Review

Stranded on the Tracks

Although this train game is fun, there are some issues that prevent it from being perfect. For example, when a train is moving at full speed, hitting a zombie should usually result in it being destroyed. However, in this game, hitting a zombie or a group of them only slows the train down. Additionally, you can only move forward or back as there is no vertical movement. Finally, while the weapon upgrades are nice, they can be overpowered with just a few clicks.

The spooky background music and sound effects, however, are excellently done creating an eerie and tense atmosphere that turns every ride into a thrilling symphony of the undead. It's like a chaotic composition that we'd love to be in charge of, conducting with pure joy.

Steaming Towards Fun

Despite these shortcomings and all things considered, the game is a delightful locomotive romp through the apocalypse. It's a game that revels in its own absurdity and refuses to take itself too seriously, yet underneath its whimsical façade, it showcases simple fun and complexity that any seasoned gamer will appreciate.

Choo Choo Survivor is a game that demonstrates resilience and perseverance in the face of challenges. Despite the undead and obstacles along the way, the game encourages players to keep moving forward and find humor in even the bleakest situations. It's an affordable option, costing less than a cup of coffee, and is recommended for anyone who enjoys the idea of using trains to take down zombies.

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