June 21, 2023

Relive the Thrill of Retro Racing - Classic Sport Driving (Steam) Review

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Relive the Thrill of Retro Racing - Classic Sport Driving (Steam) Review

By Nick | June 21, 2023

PixelWrappers' Classic Sports Driving is an indie gem that perfectly captures the essence of vintage racing games. Their commitment to delivering an authentic old-school driving experience sets it apart as a delightful journey down memory lane for racing enthusiasts of all ages.

Unleash Your Inner Speedster

The game has two modes that cater to different skill levels and playstyles. First, in Arcade mode, players can enjoy high-speed action without the burden of complex mechanics. Players can race through tracks at breakneck speeds, deftly maneuver around obstacles, and leave competitors behind to experience an exhilarating adrenaline rush.

In contrast however, Pro mode requires players to elevate their gameplay and demonstrate their driving and braking abilities. This mode emphasizes the importance of mastering the racing line and applying brakes with precision.

Pro mode challenges players to exhibit finesse and skill in navigating tight corners and exploiting every advantage to secure a win. However, mastering the complexities of Pro mode can be intimidating at first, as it demands perseverance and dedication to overcome the game's fairly deep learning curve.

Classic Sports Driving is visually stunning, with retro-inspired aesthetics that evoke a sense of nostalgia and charm reminiscent of arcade racing games like Outrun and Top Gear. The attention to detail in recreating the vibrant colors and distinctive visual elements of that era is commendable, making players feel both familiar and invited into a world that delights the senses.

Efficient control is a crucial element in any racing games, and Classic Sports Driving is exceptional in this regard. Its controls are intuitive, fluid, and incredibly responsive, allowing players to perform accurate maneuvers, conquer sharp turns, and execute controlled drifts. The sense of complete control over the vehicle enhances the gameplay experience and contributes to its overall gratification.

Vintage Vibes

Although the game offers a thrilling racing experience, there are some limitations that players may find somewhat disappointing. One such limitation is the lack of customization options for vehicles, which may prevent players from adding a personal touch to their gameplay. Furthermore, the fact that the game only offers one car, at least for now anyways, can make it feel less exciting. While this one-car feature ensures fair racing for the leaderboards, it wouldn't hurt to have a few more options available.

In my opinion, however, Classic Sport Driving does indeed, capture the essence of classic racing games and provides an authentic driving experience that evokes nostalgia. Its captivating gameplay modes, vintage visuals and responsive controls make it an excellent choice for racing fans looking for fun arcade experience.

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