August 8, 2023

Disappointed in the PS5 Design? Mod it!

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Disappointed in the PS5 Design? Mod it!

By Rafie Rhee | August 8, 2023

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) hit the market with a bang, promising state-of-the-art gameplay and a new era of console entertainment. While the hardware and software have been largely praised, the design of the PS5 itself has divided opinions.

Some users have found it too big, too bold, or too futuristic, leading to a burgeoning interest in modifications (mods) to cater to individual tastes. In this article, we will explore the world of PS5 modding, and why it might be the answer for those who are disappointed in the console's design.

Disappointed in the PS5 Design? Mod it!

The PS5 Design: Love It or Hate It?

Sony's PS5 design has been both lauded and criticized by gamers and tech enthusiasts alike. Its bold curves and dramatic two-tone scheme are distinctive, but not to everyone's taste. Some find the design too ostentatious or impractical for their entertainment setup, sparking a demand for customization.

Modding the PS5: A World of Possibilities

The dissatisfaction with the default design has fueled creativity in the modding community. Modding refers to altering the physical appearance or sometimes even the functionality of a device, and it's not new to the gaming world. Here's what you can do with your PS5:

Disappointed in the PS5 Design? Mod it!

1. Skinning:

If the size and shape are acceptable but you'd like a different color or texture, skins are a simple and accessible way to modify the appearance. Many companies offer skins that stick onto the surface of the PS5, allowing you to add your flair without permanent alterations.

2. Custom Painting:

For those with an artistic streak, custom painting is an option. It's more labor-intensive but offers endless possibilities. A quality automotive-grade paint can change the entire look of your console. Just be sure to disassemble the outer shell carefully and follow proper painting procedures to avoid damaging the underlying hardware.

3. 3D Printing:

3D printing can be used to create entirely new external shells or parts for the PS5, allowing for a complete redesign. Some experienced modders have even shared their blueprints online.

Disappointed in the PS5 Design? Mod it!

4. Cooling Mods:

Though not purely aesthetic, cooling mods are another way to personalize your PS5. These can range from changing the cooling fans to a complete overhaul of the cooling system. More effective cooling may even improve performance.

5. LED Customization:

LED lights can give your PS5 a unique glow, making it stand out even more. While it might be a bit tricky, various tutorials guide you through the process.

Risks and Warnings

Before diving into modding, it's essential to understand the risks involved. Any physical modification might void your warranty and even cause irreparable damage if not done carefully. Always consult guides or seek professional help if you're unsure.


Disappointed in the PS5 Design? Mod it!

The PS5 design might not be for everyone, but the growing modding community has shown that it doesn't have to be a deal-breaker. From simple skins to intricate custom builds, the options for personalizing your PS5 are as varied and creative as the gaming community itself.

Whether you want a PS5 that fits seamlessly into your living room decor or stands out as a unique piece of art, modding offers a solution. Just remember to approach it with care and knowledge, and soon, your PS5 could be as distinctive as your gaming style.

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