April 16, 2023

In War, There are Always Wieners and Losers! Dogfight: A Sausage Bomber Story

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In War, There are Always Wieners and Losers! Dogfight: A Sausage Bomber Story

By Joel | April 16, 2023

The Great Sausage War might be over, but the fight for air supremacy has just begun! With Dogfight: A Sausage Bomber Story, indie developer Katsu Entertainment has cooked up a deliciously hilarious arcade shoot-'em-up that will have you salivating for more. As an ace pilot and member of the elite Sausage Bomber Corps, it is your duty to defend the nations of Relishtonia from the nefarious Vega Nation.

Dogfight: A Sausage Bomber Story

The game is filled with signature humor that will make you laugh out loud as you blast through the various missions. And with the ability to team up with friends, you'll have even more fun taking down enemies and end-level bosses.

The gameplay is fast and frantic, with plenty of power-ups and upgrades to keep you coming back for more The signature humor and explosive movement keep things interesting. Still, the classic retro vibe shines as there's something about dodging enemy fire, racking up high scores, and powering your little plane that's hard to beat.

But it's not just the gameplay that's great; the graphics are also top-notch, with beautifully designed levels and enemies that are as witty as they are menacing. And with a soundtrack that perfectly captures the game's wacky tone, you'll be grooving along as you shoot down enemy planes and drop sausages on unsuspecting foes.

Overall, Dogfight: A Sausage Bomber Story is a tasty treat that's perfect for anyone who loves arcade shoot-'em-ups and a good laugh. Katsu Entertainment has done an excellent job of capturing the addictive gameplay and humor of classic arcade games while also adding their own unique twist. So strap in, take to the skies, and get ready for some high-flying fun.

You can also check out the demo on Steam.

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