October 17, 2022

It's a Keeper! Dome Keeper (Steam) Review

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It's a Keeper! Dome Keeper (Steam) Review

By Joel | October 17, 2022

A Mining We Will Go

It's not supposed to happen this way. There's no way a small indie developer should create a unique game that runs circles around bigger AAA titles. From the opening shot of a ship crashing down to an unknown landscape, Dome Keeper places us more firmly within its postnuclear world than ever before. 

A Dome Away From Home

The story starts, as I can surmise, some years into the future. How many, it is hard to say, but far enough that mining for resources and minerals to forge makeshift weapons and other bizarre creations becomes the norm, and far enough in years to know that the old world is gone and that new world order is taking shape.

Dome Keeper, by indie developer Bippinbits, is an immersive rogue-like survival miner game where you must defend your dome against waves of alien attackers. As you mine and process resources you can use them to purchase upgrades to strengthen your shields, your weapons, and your dome, and to improve your character’s overall mining abilities. I recommend early on to focus on your drill strength, speed, and jet pack so that you can carry more supplies faster and quicker to your re-processing area.

When the alarm sounds, quickly head back up to defend your dome

The Dome, as you can guess, is a giant upside-down framework bowl that players must defend from alien attacks. These attackers come in two forms: the slow lumbering types that make their way by foot and those that fly and scurry up the sides of the bowl with the intent of smashing it into tiny bits. Regardless of which type you encounter, both do a tremendous amount of damage if left unchecked.

Fortunately, there’s an early warning indicator that alerts you to any pending attacks. When the alarms sound off, you must scurry your miner up to the dome and get into fight mode to blast away at the alien scum. At the start of the game, all your abilities are at their weakest, leaving you vulnerable so it’s important to prioritize your skill points to those categories that will keep you alive the longest.

Invest points in your miner early on so he can gather and carry more resources.

Get Your Hands Off My Dome

To keep your dome formidable, you must mine resources for it. As you mine the underground, every decision becomes more weighty as you navigate through narrow tunnels, unsure of what dangers or valuables may lurk around each corner.

Oftentimes, you'll have to dig deeper underground for the good stuff but this will often leave you helpless to attack as you try to make your way back up to your command center. It's this dichotomy of risk and reward that makes Dome Keeper such an interesting little game.

The graphic style also adds to the immersive gameplay experience, drawing the player deeper into this harsh underground world. Overall, while simple in design, the graphics in Dome Keeper serve an important purpose in reinforcing the game's tense atmosphere and sense of claustrophobia.

The Skills Tree. Use it wisely.

Cracks in the Dome

If there is a kink in the game's armor, it is most notably in its balance. You see, Dome Keeper is good but feels that the balance is off between mining and defending. For example, I found myself spending more time defending my dome than gathering resources for it.

Other players I've spoken to have the direct opposite experience, which can be attributed to the core gameplay. Still, it doesn't take away from the fun as these two contrasting experiences help with Dome Keeper's longevity, which is a good thing since each playthrough will be slightly different from the one before it.

There's No Place Like Dome

Overall, Dome Keeper is a fantastic little title for anyone that likes rogue-like games. The simple but effective graphics, controls, and music create quite a unique experience.

As I've mentioned earlier, the core gameplay is solid and with a few more tweaks can transform Dome Keeper from a very good game to a great one. If you're looking for a new title to sink your teeth into, Dome Keeper should definitely be on your list.


Who is the Developer of Dome Keeper

The developer of this cult classic is none other than bippinbits, a solo indie developer who spends their free time designing and creating games. As far as I know, Dome Keeper is their initial offering– but it's definitely a good one and will, in time, be a fan favorite, with its unique blend of strategy and resource management.

So next time you're playing Dome Keeper, remember to thank bippinbits for all the hours of entertainment they've provided. And if you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for? It's available for purchase on Steam right now! Trust me, your inner miner will thank you.

What is Dome Keeper About?

Dome Keeper is an addictive and compelling indie PC game where the player takes on the role of a miner tasked with defending his Dome against waves of enemy attacks. As the game is rogue-like, each round offers new challenges to face as players try to survive as long as possible.

With upgradable weapons and power-ups at their disposal, Dome Keeper offers hours of action-packed strategy gameplay. Despite its indie origins, this game brings a level of excitement that rivals even the biggest AAA titles. So grab your trusty drill bit and prepare for battle.

What Type of Gamer was Dome Keeper Made For?

If resource gathering, fighting monsters, and strategically building up your defenses are your idea of fun, then Dome Keeper was made for you. This PC game puts players in the role of a stronghold defender, tasked with gathering resources and using them to upgrade and fortify their base.

And don't think it's going to be easy - the game boasts challenging gameplay and an extensive upgrade tree to keep even the most seasoned gamers on their toes. So if tower defense style games are your thing, grab your mouse and dive into the world of Dome Keeper.

Where Can I Purchase Dome Keeper?

If the Internet is your palace then Steam is your kingdom. You can purchase Dome Keeper for $17.99. I know some of you will say the price is too high, but trust me when I say that the game will provide hours of entertainment for your dollars as you strategize, expand, and upgrade your dome in countless ways.

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