October 29, 2023

The Forest is Alive with the Sound of Screaming

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The Forest is Alive with the Sound of Screaming

By Joel | October 29, 2023
Dive into the pixelated pines of DON'T SCREAM, the indie horror game that challenges players to explore Pineview Forest without letting out a scream.

Amid the modern horror game renaissance, indie developers Joure and Joe have decided to take us back to the good old days of '90s camcorder-found footage with their Unreal Engine 5 short horror experience, DON'T SCREAM. The game challenges players to navigate the ominous Pineview Forest for 18 minutes without letting out even the slightest scream.

> View the trailer here

Dive into the pixelated pines of DON'T SCREAM, the indie horror game that challenges players to explore Pineview Forest without letting out a scream.

A Pixelated Pineview Forest

As you step into the pixelated pines, time stands still until you move, with each step pushing the clock forward. The game forces you to calibrate your microphone, ensuring that every gasp, every startled jump, and, yes, every scream is registered.

With dozens of dynamic scares scattered throughout the forest, you can be sure that all playthroughs will be different. However, it's important to note that these scares are more akin to sudden, unexpected jolts than the deep, psychological horror one might expect from other titles.

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The Immersive Sound of Fear

Because the game focuses heavily on ambience, the sound design is on another level, with each rustle of leaves and distant howl adding to the atmosphere and making the forest feel alive. And let's not forget the breathtaking graphics that create a realistic and immersive environment that will have you forgetting you're looking at a screen.

A Series of Unfortunate Jump Scares

That being said, DON'T SCREAM does have its limitations which needs to be addressed. With no clear objective other than to wander the forest and avoid screaming, the game can sometimes feel more like a series of jump scares than a cohesive experience.

This is especially true once you've played through a few times, and the initial shock of the unexpected has worn off. This is where an objective, or perhaps some form of storyline, would have been beneficial as it would have added an extra layer of intrigue and given players a reason to keep returning for more.

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Dive into the pixelated pines of DON'T SCREAM, the indie horror game that challenges players to explore Pineview Forest without letting out a scream.

Worth a Scream or Two? Maybe.

Before I wrap up, I want to take a moment to express my deep respect for the developers, Joure and Joe, for stepping out of the box and trying something new with DON'T SCREAM. In a market saturated with similar horror games, their innovative approach to gameplay and use of the microphone is commendable.

While the graphics and sound are sure to impress, the lack of clear objectives and reliance on jump scares might leave some players wanting more. Nevertheless, DON'T SCREAM is a step in the right direction for the indie horror genre, and I'm excited to see what these talented developers come up with next.

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