June 14, 2023

Unleashing Wrath and Enigma in an Epic Indie Adventure - DoomBlade (Steam) Review

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Unleashing Wrath and Enigma in an Epic Indie Adventure - DoomBlade (Steam) Review

By Joel | June 14, 2023

In the world of game development, where passion and creativity often collide, indie developer, Muro Studios presents us with their platforming magnum opus, DOOMBLADE. The game was crafted over a meticulous span of five years, with the end result promising an immersive experience that takes players on a journey through a vast and interconnected world, teeming with secrets, power-ups, and an enigmatic narrative.

Unleashing Wrath and Enigma in an Epic Indie Adventure - DoomBlade (Steam) Review

Unleash Your Inner Demon

As Gloom Girl, the last remaining member of the Gloomfolk, armed with the sentient and awe-inspiring DOOMBLADE, players are thrust into a struggle against the oppressive Dread Lords. Together, they weave a tale of wrath and destruction that challenges players' reflexes and precision skills through an innovative fly-attack movement system.

Muro Studios has spared no expense in creating a visual spectacle that rivals even the most prominent of titles. A handful of distinct biomes await players with each meticulously crafted to evoke a unique atmosphere and sense of place. From the dark and haunting depths of ancient forests to the desolate and foreboding mines, each environment beckons exploration, unveiling the grandeur of their design. Lighting effects dance delicately across the landscapes, like miniature puppets casting an ethereal glow upon the world, while environmental animations breathe life into every nook and cranny.

Control wise, DOOMBLADE offers players the freedom to choose between the classic controller or the tried-and-true mouse and keyboard combo. However, it is important to note that the very essence of combat design necessitates swift movements and sharp reflexes to accurately target your foes, only then can the floodgates of devastation be opened upon your foes, leaving them trembling in the wake of your blistering onslaught.

Unleashing Wrath and Enigma in an Epic Indie Adventure - DoomBlade (Steam) Review

Slice, Dice, and Save the Day

The fluidity of combat are akin to a finely choreographed dance, demanding nimble dexterity and split-second decision-making, similar to that of traditional hack and slash games. The mouse, with its unrivaled precision, becomes the virtuoso's instrument, enabling players to deftly navigate the battlefield with unwavering accuracy.

With the flick of the wrist, the crosshair gracefully glides, effortlessly tracking enemy movements and allowing for the swift dispatch of justice upon them. The union between mouse and player imparts an unparalleled level of control, elevating the combat experience to breathtaking heights.

As with most platformers, exploration is not only encouraged but rewarded in this game and vastness of the world and its interconnected biomes beckon players to venture off the beaten path and to uncover hidden secrets and acquire even more powerful upgrades. The meticulously designed levels strike a delicate balance between linearity and freedom while maintaining a coherent progression. The joy of stumbling upon a well-concealed secret, for example, or obtaining a game-changing power-up is a testament to the game's dedication to rewarding curiosity and thorough exploration.

To complement the visual splendor and addictive gameplay, DOOMBLADE's audio design is nothing short of exceptional. The haunting melodies that accompany players' journeys serve as an atmospheric backdrop, evoking a range of emotions, from melancholy to anticipation. During intense battles, adrenaline-pumping tracks surge through the speakers, heightening the tension and immersing players in the heat of the action. The sound effects are well crafted, adding depth and richness to every strike and every clash of steel.

Unleashing Wrath and Enigma in an Epic Indie Adventure - DoomBlade (Steam) Review

A Cut Above the Rest

While I did enjoy the combat, the platformer gameplay experience felt quite ordinary overall. It's important to note that this isn't due to any shortcomings on the developers' part, but rather the inherent limitations of the genre. Platformers have a strict set of rules that require players to constantly move from side to side and up and down the screen. Despite the innovative combat, the gameplay ultimately conforms to these restrictions.

Even with these minor criticisms in mind, DOOMBLADE stands proudly as an indie delight and is a testament to the passion and dedication poured into its creation by the talented hands at Muro Studios. It serves as an example of the vast potential and ingenious creativity that indie developers possess when granted the freedom to nurture their own visions.

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