September 2, 2023

A Hairy Adventure in a Platforming Paradise: Dunjungle (Steam Demo) Impressions

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A Hairy Adventure in a Platforming Paradise: Dunjungle (Steam Demo) Impressions

By Joel | September 2, 2023

Dive into the pixelated wilds with Dunjungle - a wild indie game that pits you as a dashing ape on a mission: Finding his bipedal buddy lost in the treacherous jungles. Crafted with ingenious level designs, humor, and more than a pinch of cheek by the solo developer Bruno Bombardi, this game is a delightful cocktail of unpredictability, fun, and hilarity.

From bipedal fish to towering spiders, Dunjungle offers a kaleidoscope of pixel chaos and chuckles

Not Just Another Day in the Jungle

The game has a unique feature where the levels constantly change, resulting in a different experience every time you play. The areas are randomly generated, and each room has its own theme populated with enemies such as bipedal monsters, brooding behemoth spiders, and explosive blobs. The levels are also intricately filled with traps, secrets, and challenging bosses to make the game even more exciting.

Fortunately, you can arm yourself, not just with any weapon, but with the ultimate weapon. Whether you're into swords that swing, axes that chop, or floating orbs that light up your way, there's an arsenal waiting to be used and enhanced. And if you're feeling particularly wizardly, get spellbound with abilities spanning fire, ice, lightning, and even electricity. You can mix, match, and magic your way through to create the deadliest combos.

Then there are the relics, the game's cherry on top, offering passive bonuses to spice up the gameplay. You can spot hidden traps or mock poison with your immunity, but be aware, as some relics come with a catch; they'll boost your damage at the expense of health, so it's all about curating your collection for the ultimate gameplay gourmet.

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From bipedal fish to towering spiders, Dunjungle offers a kaleidoscope of pixel chaos and chuckles

You'll Go Bananas About Indie

Dunjungle sports vibrant pixel art that are adorably deadly and lethally cute, and overall, the graphics are a visual treat. The smooth animations breathe life, or should we say ‘pixel,’ into every frame. Torches dance lively against the backdrops, attracting moths who happily fly around it. With the pitch-perfect soundtracks, it's an experience that tickles both the eyes and ears and never gets boring or old.

If there is one caveat to the game, it is that once you die, you're brought back to get resurrected in a new area. While this adds tremendous replay value to the game, others may not see it that way or want to continue their quest where they left off.

Still, for those players itching for a heady mix of action, roguelike twists, and a truckload of ape fun, Dunjungle is your call to arms. For a sneak peek into this pixel paradise, swing by Steam for the demo, or monkey around with fellow fans and Bruno himself on Discord. The game has a tentative release date of early 2024, so mark your calendars because once Dunjungle swings by, Steam will go bananas.

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