December 2, 2022

Pixel Art Comedy, Dwarven Skykeep Releases on Steam

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Pixel Art Comedy, Dwarven Skykeep Releases on Steam

By Nick | December 2, 2022

While everyone is preoccupied with either playing the latest AAA game or stuffing their faces with turkey and gravy leftovers, a wizard is going unnoticed!

Dwarven Skykeep, a humorous pixel-art base builder, is now available on PC via Steam, according to the publisher. For a limited time during launch week, save 15% on the title.

The Dwarven Plot

In Dwarven Skykeep, aspiring wizards take on the role of Dr. Sevendar Kness, a master of card magic and the foremost authority on the construction of block towers. Dr. Kness arrives in Dwarven City for an unknown reason. Join him on his quest to create The Nameless Kingdom's most powerful card deck, then raise massive towers as a testament to your might and magic.

Build, upgrade, and defend your towers with the assistance of devoted dwarves and gnomes. Command your miniature army to create, repair, and renovate. It's small and personable, but it's surprisingly useful. Throw your minions into sword fights and fires, or have them scavenge for resources. They'll do almost anything you ask of them.

Pixel Art Comedy, Dwarven Skykeep Releases on Steam

Explore five distinct worlds, each with its own inventive gameplay mechanics and heinous challenges. Warm up your tower in the Winter World, race a train across a vast desert, keep your spire afloat among the clouds, and return the sun to its rightful place in the sky while racing through the Shadow World. Nothing is impossible, especially on your ninth attempt.

Key Features:

  • Deep deckbuilding mechanics
  • Intelligent challenges at every level
  • Charming and not-so-charming characters, monsters, and bosses
  • References to cult classic films, novels, and games
  • Hilarious conversations and hysterical circumstances
  • Check out the game on Steam
Pixel Art Comedy, Dwarven Skykeep Releases on Steam

Watch the official launch trailer here:

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