July 18, 2023

Ember Knights: A Universe in a Pickle! Can You Spark a Turnaround?

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Ember Knights: A Universe in a Pickle! Can You Spark a Turnaround?

By Nick | July 18, 2023

Gather around gamers and brace yourselves for an electrifying extravaganza! Ember Knights, the brainchild of the masterminds at Doom Turtle and brought to life by the clever folks at Twin Sails Interactive, dashes triumphantly out of the early access shadows and leaps into the radiant realm of version 1.0. Today marks a momentous occasion as the game steps boldly onto the Steam stage and, making its grand entrance, unveils itself on none other than the Nintendo Switch.

Ember Knights: A Universe in a Pickle! Can You Spark a Turnaround?

Prepare to embark on a breathtaking quest, either alone or in the company of up to three brave companions, as you immerse yourselves in the intoxicating blend of lightning-paced action and rogue-like thrill that Ember Knights bestows. Armed with potent weaponry and formidable spells, you'll harness your wits and forge an unstoppable character build while engaging in the dance of death with swarms of merciless foes and colossal bosses. A symphony of hack-and-slash brilliance awaits you!

And the best part, my dear adventurers, is that this extraordinary experience is now yours for the taking at the modest sum of $19.99/€19.99. But, hold your horses, for there's an irresistible treat in store for those swift enough to seize the moment. For a limited time, you can nab this gem of a game with a fabulous 15% discount during its sensational launch week.

Key Features

  • Blazing Roguelite Action: Become a legendary warrior, wield mighty weapons and magic, chain your attacks, and perfectly time your skills to crush your enemies in solo and co-op multiplayer for up to four players (online and local co-op on Steam; local co-op on Nintendo Switch).
  • Forge Your Own Build: With six weapons, 17 skills, and over 80 relics, you’re free to customize your unique build to match your combat style in each run, with hundreds of possible combinations. Modify your weapons to personalize your combat tactics even further.
  • Ignite Deadly Combos: Create powerful synergies with game-changing relics. Specialize in speed and evasion, crowd control, skill power, status effects, and more, or mix relics for unique strategies. Coordinate with your teammates to set up huge combos and synergies in co-op.
  • Battle Praxis’ Hordes: Face over 60 enemy types, including beasts, specters, sorcerers, and creatures of all sorts, each with their own unique attacks and behaviors. Beware Elite and Champion enemy variations, which will test your skills with even deadlier abilities and patterns.
  • Conquer Epic Bosses: From the Royal Phalanx to the Plague Bringer, Praxis’ mighty bosses, mini-bosses, and their corrupted variations are the ultimate challenge. Adapt your play style with different builds, upgrade your Ember Tree, and learn from your mistakes to claim victory!
  • Indie Pixel-Art Magic: Ember Knights combines a classic top-down camera and 16-bit retro art style with modern animations, vibrant colors and VFX, and a spirited soundtrack. Venture across vivid pixel-art environments, each with their own special ambience and enemies.
Ember Knights: A Universe in a Pickle! Can You Spark a Turnaround?

For those brave souls stepping into Ember Knights for the very first time, prepare to be dazzled. As if touched by the gods of game development, this masterpiece has been polished, refined, and perfected across a staggering 11 content updates, not to mention countless wee patches, all thanks to the invaluable feedback of our cherished community.

So rally your companions, don your most dashing armor, and embrace the magic that awaits. Ember Knights 1.0 is here, and it's ready to set your gaming world ablaze with a blaze of epic proportions.

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