September 8, 2023

The Perfect Mix of Old and New - Escape Space (Steam) Review

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The Perfect Mix of Old and New - Escape Space (Steam) Review

By Joel | September 8, 2023
Choose your contract, chase down rewards, and challenge yourself in a cosmic arena of vibrant visuals and vintage vibes

Indie developers have consistently shown us that innovation and nostalgia can walk hand-in-hand and Shidy Games, with their latest release Escape Space, reaffirm this belief. They don't just serve a dish of nostalgia; they remix and expand upon it, offering a flavorful experience that is both familiar and refreshingly new.

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Choose your contract, chase down rewards, and challenge yourself in a cosmic arena of vibrant visuals and vintage vibes.

Retro Vibes, Modern Thrives

When you boot up Escape Space, you're thrust into a vivid and dynamic gaming universe reminiscent of 16-bit classics like Gradius and R-Type. However, this isn't just a reproduction of yesteryear classics. The vibrant colors, for example, pop out more than ever before, and the explosions are a visual treat - large, stylistic, pixelated, and dramatic.

These aesthetics are about more than just looking good as they play an integral role in the game's mechanics, helping players anticipate threats and navigate the game's increasingly intricate levels. In most shooters, success meant memorizing bullet patterns. Here, you'll have to pay attention to ship maneuvers and subtle patterns.

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Like so many, when we think of arcades, we often remember the blips, the booms, and the background techno tunes that kept us engaged. Escape Space pays homage to that memory and expands on it. The game's soundtrack is a lively mixture of techno rhythms interspersed with deep bass beats. The sound effects do more than just setting the mood, it invigorates the player, making them move, think, react, and transports players back to the joystick days of local arcades.

Choose your contract, chase down rewards, and challenge yourself in a cosmic arena of vibrant visuals and vintage vibes.

Chart Your Course

While graphics and music lay a strong foundation, the gameplay is where Escape Space truly distinguishes itself from its peers. It challenges the age-old conception of space shooters being one-dimensional. For example, instead of the standard shoot-and-dodge gameplay we've grown accustomed to, Escape Space introduces multiple branching modes.

You kick off your journey by selecting from a curated list of contracts. Each contract presents a unique mission, whether gathering medical crates or braving relentless waves of enemy assaults. Survival mode introduces an enticing gamble as players can opt to face another round of foes for the promise of richer rewards and higher scores. But tread with caution, because if you overreach and fail, you'll walk away empty-handed.

So whether you're maneuvering through a meteor storm in survival mode, protecting a convoy in escort mode, or scavenging for vital resources, each way offers a distinct flavor, keeping players engaged and constantly guessing what's next.

Additionally, the weapon progression system adds depth and strategy to the mix. Successful missions offer rewards, and the remnants of destroyed ships, referred to as credits can be collected. These resources can then be used to purchase or upgrade weapons, adding layers of strategy and progression. Will you save up for that powerful pulse cannon or invest in a faster ship with the built in mod? These decisions become pivotal as players progress deeper into the game.

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Choose your contract, chase down rewards, and challenge yourself in a cosmic arena of vibrant visuals and vintage vibes.

Retro Rockets and Fun Rewards

Overall, Escape Space is not just another indie space shooter, it's a testament to the fact that with passion and creativity, familiar genres can be reinvented, presenting something both new and nostalgically enticing. For those yearning for the arcade days but wanting something more, Escape Space is a journey worth embarking on.

Curious space jockeys can dip their toes into the universe with the Escape Space demo. And if you're itching to chat about interstellar strategies or want to applaud the maestro behind this masterpiece, beam over to Shidy Games' Discord channel.

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