March 12, 2023

Getting Over the Hump: 10 Sure Fire Tips to Help You Finish Games on Your Backlog

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Getting Over the Hump: 10 Sure Fire Tips to Help You Finish Games on Your Backlog

By Joel | March 12, 2023

We all know the feeling. You buy a new video game, thinking you'll finally have the time to sit down and beat it, but then real life gets in the way. Suddenly, it's been days, weeks, or even months, and that game is still sitting in your digital library, untouched, unopened, and, most importantly, unplayed.

Getting Over the Hump: 10 Sure Fire Tips to Finish the Games on Your Backlog

If you're looking for motivation to finally finish your purchased games, look no further. While the tips here won't guarantee you'll complete all of them in your backlog, you'll at least be motivated to get started to play them.

Why Do We Abandon Our Games?

You've bought a ton of video games in the last several years. However, many are collecting dust on your shelves or digital library. There's no need to feel guilty about it as we all get busy, and finding the time to play everything you want is tough.

But what if you could find a way to finish all those neglected games? It would be awesome, right? So here are 10 Sure-Fire Tips to help you finish most, if not all, the games you've purchased in the last year or so:

1) Set a goal: Resolve to finish all the games you've bought in the last year, and write it down somewhere. You can start with the oldest games and work on the newer ones you've just purchased. Don't include games you've received for free or from giveaways since you probably wouldn't play them anyway. This will help shorten your list and hold you accountable for completing only those you've purchased.

2) Make a plan: Look at your library of unfinished games, and make a plan of attack. For example, could you determine which ones you want to play first and set some deadlines for yourself?

3) Set aside some time: Clearing your schedule for dedicated gaming time will help you achieve your goal. Whether it's an hour a day or a few hours on the weekends, putting aside some time will keep you on track.

4) Find a gaming buddy: Having someone to play with can make finishing your games more fun and motivating. Find a friend who is also trying to clear their backlog and help each other when possible.

5) Join or create a game club: There are many online and offline clubs where gamers get together to play through their backlogs. Joining one of these can help you stay motivated and accountable.

6) Use social media: Sharing your progress with friends and followers can help keep you motivated. For example, posting screenshots, sharing stories, or issuing challenges can all help push you to finish your games. Plus, it can also help motivate someone else to share their own experiences.

7) Stream or record your gameplay: If social media isn't your thing, streaming or recording your gameplay can still be motivating. Knowing that people are watching (or will be watching) can push you to keep playing and finishing your games.

8) Enter into competitions: Many community competitions with great prizes can motivate you to play and finish your games. See what's out there and enter some that look fun.

9) Give yourself rewards: As you finish each game, give yourself a small reward (like buying yourself a new game). This will help give you something to look forward to as motivation to keep going.

10) start playing: Sometimes, the best way to motivate yourself is to sit down and play. Once you start, it'll be easier to keep going until the end.

The psychology of "Sunk Cost"

Why do most gamers procrastinate on finishing? The most frequently cited reason is "lack of time," followed by "boredom/dislike." Other popular reasons include "couldn't start the game," "technical issues," and "too difficult."

The sunk cost fallacy is a cognitive bias that dictates our decision-making. Its premise is that we are more likely to continue investing in something as long as we have invested so much in the past, regardless of whether or not it is actually worth our time, energy, and resources.

This bias can often lead us to make suboptimal decisions, such as continuing to play a video game we don't enjoy simply because we feel like we need to justify the purchase. Thankfully, there are ways to overcome the sunk cost fallacy and make better decisions.

Getting Over the Hump

Your backlog is through the roof, and it seems like every game you start, you end up quitting a few hours in. So naturally, you want to be able to finish games, but you don't know how to get started. Getting over the hump and ending a game may seem impossible, but you can conquer even the most challenging obstacle course with a few helpful tips and tricks.

First, break down your tasks into bite-sized chunks so that staying focused and motivated is easier. Next, set realistic goals for yourself each session so that you can use more minor successes as motivation to keep going. Lastly, throw in some small rewards along the way to be creative and recognize your accomplishments, making it easier to push through and complete the task. By using these steps, procrastination will be nonexistent, and soon enough, you’ll be winning that hard-earned trophy.

The Sense of Accomplishment

There’s a unique kind of satisfaction that the modern gamer experiences when completing a challenging game. It can sometimes feel like banging your head against a wall until something finally gives. Still, one cannot understate the euphoric sense of accomplishment and pride upon completing a game.

For those without the natural capacity to be an astronaut or extreme sports star, gaming circles often provide the best opportunity to feel like a hero. Oneself versus impossible obstacles; nothing quite like it, especially when you reach the end credits.

Just Do It!

Finishing games languishing on your drive can give gamers a unique sense of accomplishment. Not only do they gain the satisfaction of playing it through to the end, but they also feel as if their backlog is slowly getting smaller and smaller. And we all could use fewer games sitting unfinished in our library.

But more importantly, clearing out these old titles allows gamers to experience hidden gems that might not have gotten their deserved attention or to jump back into a more senior title to revisit its pleasant memories. Whether breaking into a single-player campaign or finally taking on that challenging game mode you’ve been procrastinating about, finishing your purchases will lead to a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment and allow you to form more informed opinions before investing in the next big title.

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