May 4, 2023

Ready, Set, Indie Race Your Way to the Top with Formula Top

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Ready, Set, Indie Race Your Way to the Top with Formula Top

By Joel | May 4, 2023
Ready, Set, Indie Race Your Way to the Top with Formula Top

As I was playing Formula Top, I couldn't help but feel a wave of nostalgia wash over me. Not the kind of nostalgia from playing Papyrus' IndyCar Racing on an IBM PC but a much deeper, more vivid memory. Playing Formula Top was like taking a trip down memory lane to my childhood, where I'd race toy cars and make engine sounds with my mouth. I was lost in my own little world, imagining my race cars overtaking competitors and stopping for pit-stops made out of cardboard shoe boxes.

In my mind, the racetrack spanned 500 miles, but in reality, it was just the length of my kitchen table with twists, turns, and sharp corners that would make any F1 driver envious. Then it dawned on me: the reason I was hooked on Formula Top was that it brought back those vivid memories of my childhood shenanigans.

Ready, Set, Indie Race Your Way to the Top with Formula Top

Revving Up the Competition

Hats off then to the indie developer, SQX Interactive, for pulling off a masterpiece and nailing the intricacies of real-life F1 racing while keeping the game user-friendly for anyone who even remotely enjoys the genre. It's like they've cracked the code to create a game that can impress both hardcore racing fanatics and casual players who couldn't tell the difference between a Pirelli tire and a donut.

On the visual side, prepare to have your retinas dazzled by Formula Top's graphics with stunning displays of bright, vivid hues plucked from an impressive array of colors. The top-down perspective racing action leaves you breathless as each turn sends plumes of dirt into the air, kicked up by the car's tires. The pit stops may be generic, but they're visually appealing, with crews frantically jacking up the car and changing tires. Sure, it would've been even more remarkable to see the pit crew in full animated glory, but let's not be greedy here, we'll save that for a future update.

The tracks themselves boast distinct appearances and atmospheres, and the dynamic weather effects elevate the racing experience to new heights of immersion. However, the actual racing is what truly sets this game apart. The car's grip feels just right, and as you navigate each turn with precision, the vehicle's weight, and the tires' grip feel wholly authentic and natural. Although the game's visuals are already impressive, the lack of car damage detracts from the immersion that could have been achieved with an added layer of realism.

Ready, Set, Indie Race Your Way to the Top with Formula Top

Racing to the Top

Formula Top truly impresses with its extensive selection of automotive options from choosing between medium, soft, or hard tires to strategizing when to pit or wait out wet weather. Each decision is made on the fly and can mean the difference between finishing on top of the podium or at the bottom of the standings. In addition, the impressive computer AI drives like the pros, skillfully accelerating and downshifting into curves and turns at the perfect speed and angle, keeping players on their toes and engaged in a exhilarating racing experience from start to finish.

Overall, SQX Interactive has crafted an experience that every motorhead dreams of. Formula Top is deceptively simple yet endlessly engaging, and each lap brings the thrill of competing with the best. When it comes down to it, this game combines all the joys of racing without any of the risks of broken fenders and is a great way to satisfy both your racing desires and your competitive streak in an impressively fun environment.

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