April 2, 2023

Full Void | A Dystopian Puzzle Game With A Nostalgic Past

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Full Void | A Dystopian Puzzle Game With A Nostalgic Past

By Joel | April 2, 2023

Living in a world that has been taken over by an unknown AI is a terrifying thought for any person, but especially so for a teenager who must traverse such a landscape. He is no longer guided by elders, but instead tasked to fend for himself and make sense of a world with few answers and far too much unrest.

Set in a dystopian future, Full Void offers an immersive experience that unveils one of the most complex stories ever seen in a game.

A feeling of loneliness often follows as the voice of reason set forth by parents and teachers has quietly faded away like dust in the wind. Such is the world of Full Void, a game entirely at odds with the childhoods they knew only days before. Full Void by Indie developer OutoftheBit Studios, is an enthralling 2D Cinematic Puzzle Platformer game that pushes the boundaries of storytelling.

Set in a dystopian future where a powerful AI reigns supreme, players must fight through challenging puzzles and obstacles to unravel its captivating story. This broken yet strangely hopeful society exists for only children, but it begs the question: can freedom from tyranny stand the test of time? Through its captivating narrative and action-packed gameplay, Full Void offers players an immersive experience that unveils one of the most complex stories developed in a game.

Download the demo on Steam.

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