October 18, 2022

Is It Worth It? The Pros and Cons of Gamepass

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Is It Worth It? The Pros and Cons of Gamepass

By Joel | October 18, 2022

Ah, Gamepass. The game subscription service that has gamers everywhere feeling torn - do we fork over our hard-earned cash for access to a seemingly endless library of titles, or stick to our tried and true game-buying methods?

In this article, we'll take a look at the pros and cons of this hot topic on the gaming scene. On the plus side, Gamepass Ultimate (which includes Xbox live game streaming) grants you access to literally hundreds of games at any given time, and new titles are constantly being added. And with Microsoft's recent acquisition spree, some huge names like Bethesda have joined forces with Xbox, giving Gamepass subscribers access to even more titles.

But on the flip side, some gamers might not feel the need for such a large game library when they already have the go-to favorites that they replay over and over again. And let's face it - while Gamepass may seem like a sweet deal on paper, those monthly or yearly fees can really add up and leave gamers hard-pressed to justify the cost. So is Gamepass worth it? Read on to find out!

The Pros of Gamepass

Saving Money in the Long Run

If you're someone who likes to buy the latest and greatest games as they come out, then you know that they can be pretty expensive. With Gamepass, you can get access to new games as they get released for a fraction of the price. In addition, there are usually sales and special discounts for Gamepass subscriptions so you can save even more money if you time it right.

Wide Selection of Games

Another big advantage of Gamepass is that it gives you access to a large library of games to choose from. If you're ever feeling bored or don't know what to play, you can always find something new to try out from the comfort of your own home. And because there are always new games being added to the library, you'll never run out of things to play.

PC GamePass

Are you the type of person who likes having options? Like, a lot of options? Well, PC Game Pass has got you covered. It's like the Netflix of video games - with its huge library of titles, boredom is almost an impossibility.

With PC Game Pass, you can try out a new game every single day and never run out of choices. And the best part? No need to leave the comfort of your own home to rent or buy physical copies - everything is just a click away on PC Game Pass.

Different Stroked for Different Folks

Let's face it, sometimes choosing what game to buy can be a gamble. Will you love it or hate it? And let's not even get into EA's classic bait-and-switch tactics. But with Gamepass, you don't have to stress about refunding something you didn't enjoy. You can try out a wide range of genres, from classic EA titles to indie games to third-party hits.

Plus, for PC players, the best value is definitely found through Gamepass. So why bother taking a chance with those pesky little "buy now" buttons when you can have the freedom to sample and savor as many games as you want? Gamepass is the ultimate way to take your gaming experience to the next level without risking disappointment or buyer's remorse.

Great for Streamers and YouTubers

As a content creator, there's nothing worse than staring at that game library, trying to come up with new ideas for your channel. But thanks to Gamepass Ultimate, you now have access to a massive library full of game options. And it's not just limited to Xbox Series - the PC version offers tons of choices too.

So whether you're looking for the latest releases or want to go back and replay some classics, Gamepass has got you covered. No more stressing about filling up your game library - just sit back and enjoy the endless possibilities Gamepass has to offer. Plus, with new games added every month, there's always something fresh for you and your viewers to enjoy.

The Cons of Gamepass

Not All Games Are Created Equal

Let's be real, we all love a good deal. And with Gamepass, you can get access to tons of games for a monthly fee. But before you go canceling your pre-orders and selling your consoles to become a full-on Gamepass convert, there are a few drawbacks to consider. For starters, not all games are available on the service. So if the latest EA or Bethesda release is your jam, you may have to fork over some cash at your own cost.

And speaking of own cost, sometimes those classic EA games that we just can't quit will never find their way onto Gamepass. And don't even get me started on cloud gaming - unless you've got good internet and a strong stomach for lag, it might not be worth it. So while Gamepass may seem like the ultimate money saver in the short term, don't forget to consider these potential disadvantages too.

Money In / Money Out

Okay, I'm going to cut to the chase here: Gamepass might not be worth it if you're a casual gamer. Sure, you get access to all these amazing games like Mass Effect and the newest Playstation releases, but at the end of the day, are you really going to play them enough to justify paying for a subscription every month or year?

Personally, I only break out my controller when Sony or Microsoft decides to drop a new Windows or Series X game that I've been waiting for. But hey, if mass quantities of video games are your thing, then by all means go ahead and subscribe to Gamepass.

Limited Selection

It's a common dilemma that plagues both Xbox consoles and PC players: the ongoing struggle of limited game selection on Gamepass. Sure, they may consistently add new titles to the mix, but it's almost like a game of musical chairs as older games are constantly rotated out.

But for others, it can feel like a major disappointment if they had been meaning to play those games but never got around to installing them. And let's not even mention the potential frustration for those who may have bought some of those rotating games through their Xbox app or console only to find them no longer available in their Gamepass subscription. So much for unlimited access.

Where's My Patch?

Have you ever logged onto your beloved Xbox, moseyed on over to Gamepass, and asked yourself "Where's my patch?" As a player with day-one access to all the latest games, I know this frustration all too well. From Halo Infinite to Bethesda titles like The Elder Scrolls Online, I've often found myself eagerly awaiting the availability of expansions and DLC content on Gamepass so I can have the ultimate playing and reviewing experience.

Sure, it may not seem like a big deal to wait a few days or even weeks for new content to become available, but when you're racing against time trying to beat a game before your friends do (or in some cases, before online spoilers ruin the story for you), those extra patches can make all the difference. Hey Xbox, give us our patches on day one just like we get our games!

Hey Buddy, That's Not Yours

When it comes to the games in your digital library, don't be fooled into thinking you actually own them. Sure, you can play them whenever you want as long as you have a Gamepass Ultimate subscription, but third-party publishers hold all the cards. And let's face it, with so many new streaming platforms cropping up left and right, who's to say Gamepass will be around forever?

So instead of holding onto false hope that those picks from the "free with subscription" section are really yours to keep, maybe it's time to come to terms with the fact that the only true ownership is found in hard copies and cartridges. At least then you'll still have something to show for all those hours clocked in on Skyrim.


When it comes to video game subscriptions, the million-dollar question is always: Is it worth it? And when it comes to Xbox's Gamepass, that all depends on how often you play and what games tickle your fancy. Are you a hardcore gamer who just can't wait to dive into the latest offerings from the Xbox library? Then yes, subscribing to Gamepass is probably worth every penny.

But if you play games sparingly and don't keep up with all the hype surrounding new titles, then shelling out money for a subscription might not be worth it. Plus, let's not forget that subscribing to Gamepass also gives you access to games in the Microsoft store and exclusive discounts on future purchases. Who knows, maybe Gamepass will be your ticket to gaming heaven. Or maybe not. No judgment here. Happy gaming!


What is Gamepass?

Gamepass is a subscription service that gives you access to a library of games. You can either pay monthly or yearly and as long as your subscription is active, you'll have access to the games in their library including Xbox games, indie games, and access to EA and their classic games, as well as newly released PC games.

Of course, since Gamepass is a Microsoft Xbox-exclusive service, you'll find top-rated titles like Halo and Forza. And with new games added to the subscription service library every month, there's always something new to play.

How much is the monthly and yearly subscription price? Do they offer discounts too?

If you're ready to gain access to a massive library of video games for your Xbox or PC, look no further than Xbox Game Pass, where for just $9.99 a month you can play over 100 different titles on multiple devices.

From hit titles like The Outer Worlds and Sea of Thieves to beloved indie games like Celeste and Gorogoa, there's never a shortage of options to choose from. And with new the ability to save up to 20% on related game purchases, Game Pass is definitely worth the relatively small monthly cost.

What are the benefits of Gamepass?

One of the biggest benefits of Gamepass is that it gives you access to a wide range of games without having to purchase them individually. This can save you a lot of money, especially if you're someone who likes to play a lot of different types of games or just looking to play classic games.

What are the drawbacks of Gamepass?

One of the biggest drawbacks of Gamepass is that not all games are available on their subscription services. Additionally, many of their popular games are only available on specific platforms, so you might not be able to play them if you're not using the right console or if the game is PC-exclusive.

Additionally, Gamepass costs money every month or year in order to keep your subscription active, so it might not be worth it if you only play video games occasionally. Finally, you never actually own the games in your library, so if Gamepass ever goes away, you'll lose access to it all.

Which Gamepass subscription model is best for me? 

If you're tired of constantly weighing the pros and cons of Xbox game pass ultimate, gold subscription, and EA Play, or find yourself lying awake at night wondering which one will give you access to the greatest games? Fear not, dear gamer, for I have the answer for you.

The obvious choice is Xbox game pass ultimate because it combines Xbox live gold with Xbox game pass for both console and pc. But let's say you don't have a pc or care about playing online with friends. In that case, the golden oldie Xbox live gold is the way to go. And if you're more into sports titles like FIFA or Madden, EA Play has got your back with a collection of popular EA titles.

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