September 23, 2023

Blight Survival: Why Over 650,000 Gamers are Ready to Battle the Blight!

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Blight Survival: Why Over 650,000 Gamers are Ready to Battle the Blight!

By Nick | September 23, 2023

When it comes to gaming, there's nothing like diving into a story that makes you feel as if the weight of a world is on your shoulders. And if that weight also involves surviving against hordes of monsters while trying to save humanity, well, that's even better. Welcome to the world of Blight: Survival by Haenir Studios.

Check out Blight's Gameplay trailer

Set in a medieval purgatory between two battling kingdoms, Blight: Survival offers players a unique co-op experience where teamwork is key.

The Allure of Medieval Madness:

Set between two warring kingdoms lies a purgatory - a blood-soaked no man’s land where the Blight thrives. This isn't just your average, everyday medieval world. No, this is a world where the land itself seeks to consume you and where the line between man and monster blurs with every step.

Why is it Trending?

1. A Unique Co-op Experience: Teaming up with three other players in a dire mission isn't just about brawn; it's about brains too. You strategize, you plan, and most importantly, you depend on one another.

2. Riveting Storyline: Two warring kingdoms, a ceaseless battle, and amidst this chaos, an evil so profound that it turns men into monsters. The allure of an engrossing story pulls gamers into a narrative that feels as relentless as the battles themselves.

3. The Power of Choice: Your decisions can shape the outcome. Every move, every strategy can bring you closer to the cure or sink you deeper into the abyss of the Blight.

Everyone’s Talking About It

It's not every day that a game gets wish listed by over 650,000 eager fans and the growing anticipation is palpable. Check out the official Steam Blight forums that's buzzing with anticipation at the title's imminent release in 2024.

To Wishlist or Not to Wishlist?

If battling monstrous hordes, diving deep into a compelling narrative, and teaming up with friends to eradicate an all-consuming evil sounds like your kind of game, then Blight: Survival should definitely be on your wish-list. The land is plagued, the people are counting on you, and destiny beckons. But the big question remains: Will you answer the call?

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