June 18, 2023

Gaming's Finest - Celebrating Father's Day with the Best Dads in Video Games

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Gaming's Finest - Celebrating Father's Day with the Best Dads in Video Games

By Joel | June 18, 2023

Ah, Father's Day is upon us, a time to celebrate those dads who have left an indelible mark on our lives. But let's not forget the incredible father figures we've encountered in the world of video games as well. These pixelated patriarchs have captivated our hearts with their parenting prowess, unique personalities, and in some cases, super human strength. So, grab your controllers and join me as we pay tribute to the best fathers in video games with a touch of wit and a lot of love.

Joel - The Last of Us

First up on our list is Joel from "The Last of Us." Now, this guy might not win any awards for "World's Most Talkative Dad," but what he lacks in the gift of gab, he more than makes up for with his fierce protective instincts. Joel's unwavering love and dedication to Ellie, his surrogate daughter, are a testament to the lengths he'll go to keep her safe. He's the strong, silent type of dad who will fight through hordes of infected just to see a smile on his little girl's face.

Ethan Winters - Resident Evil Village

Now, let's talk about Ethan Winters from "Resident Evil Village." When your baby daughter gets kidnapped by a bunch of supernatural baddies, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. But not Ethan! This dad goes from zero to hero, channeling his inner action star to rescue his precious Rose. He may not have a black belt in zombie slaying, but his determination and resourcefulness make him a force to be reckoned with. Ethan proves that even the most ordinary dads can become extraordinary heroes when their children are in danger.

Kratos - God of War

Kratos, the god-slaying icon of the "God of War" series, might not be the first name that comes to mind when you think of "Father of the Year." But hear me out on this one. In his latest adventure, he takes his son, Atreus, under his wing, guiding him through treacherous Norse realms. Kratos may have a bit of a temper, but he learns some valuable lessons about being a dad along the way. His evolution from an angry deity to a compassionate mentor teaches us that even the toughest of dads can find room in their hearts for love and growth.

Harry Mason - Silent Hill

Enter Harry Mason, the protagonist of the eerie "Silent Hill." He's a single dad who finds himself in a nightmarish town while searching for his daughter, Cheryl. Now, you might think wandering around a foggy, monster-infested place is no way to be a good father, but Harry's determination to protect his child is truly commendable. He faces unspeakable horrors, but his unwavering love for Cheryl keeps him going. Harry proves that even in the darkest of circumstances, a father's love can light the way.

John Marston - Red Dead Redemption

Last but not least, we have John Marston from "Red Dead Redemption." Now, John may have a bit of a checkered past as a former outlaw, but he's determined to leave that life behind for the sake of his wife and son. He sets out on a dangerous mission to protect and provide for his family, embracing a path of redemption. John shows us that being a father isn't just about blood ties, but also about striving to be a better person and creating a brighter future for our children. Someone pass me the tissue.

So, as we celebrate Father's Day, let's not forget the digital dads who have captured our hearts and inspired us through the world of video games. Joel, Ethan Winters, Kratos, Harry Mason, and Marston exemplify the profound impact fathers can have on their children's lives.

I'm sure there are others out there that I may have missed, but each one should be honored and recognized as they teach us all valuable lessons about protection, growth, and the unbreakable bond between a father and child.

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