October 26, 2022

Generation Zero's "Dark Skies" Update - Free Today on PC & Consoles

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Generation Zero's "Dark Skies" Update - Free Today on PC & Consoles

By Nick | October 26, 2022

The free "Dark Skies" update for Systemic Reaction's open-world co-op adventure game Generation Zero is now available on PC through Steam and the Microsoft Store, as well as Xbox One and PlayStation4. It is also available for free to Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass users. "Dark Skies" adds a new Soviet machine, a Tuned Moped vehicle, a quest, weapon skins, and more!


New Soviet Machine: The third one-of-a-kind Soviet Machine has arrived! The Firebird, named after the legendary bird, is a big bomber drone designed to battle infantry and armor by flushing enemy out of cover from above.

New Side Mission: The Soviets have arrived, and it's up to you to destroy the new Firebirds and their beacons before they conquer Hagaboda!

New Vehicles: The Tuned Moped is a new vehicle that is quicker than a bicycle (but less covert) and handles well on asphalt.

Weapon Skins: A new attachment slot allows players to equip weapon skins, with five free weapon skins given as random rewards when killing special foes.

"New Game" Revamp: You may now have up to four characters in four different game worlds at the same time (up from four characters in just one world previously), allowing you to start new games without destroying your existing worlds or characters.

For more information on Generation Zero, go to www.GenerationZero.com or follow @GenZeroGame on Twitter.

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