March 5, 2023

Get 'Rise Of Industry' for Free On Epic Games Store

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Get 'Rise Of Industry' for Free On Epic Games Store

By Ian | March 5, 2023

If you consider yourself an uptown industrialist, Rise of Industry on Epic Games is the perfect way to flex your financial muscles without shelling out an arm and a leg. For just the price of free, challengers can throw their hard-earned money at convincing venture capitalists and still balance the books.

Rise of Industry Free on Epic Game Store

With little more than a box of crayons and a healthy supply of gumption, you’ll be able to create and optimize intricate production lines, astutely navigate the ever-ambitious business landscape, and perfectly gauge how far to push it before encountering catastrophic drops in market share.

You'll soon discover whether your inner Jeff Bezos will have garnered you riches beyond your wildest imaginations or land you in financial ruin. So grab this unbeatable deal on Epic Games now since it’s an opportunity not to be missed. But watch your step, you never know when that economic bubble may just burst.

You must create an Epic Games Account to claim your free game.

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