February 16, 2023

Narrative RPG Gomorra, Launches Today on PC 

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Narrative RPG Gomorra, Launches Today on PC 

By Nick | February 16, 2023

Gomorrah, a gripping narrative role-playing game from 34BigThings, is now available on PC, iOS, and Android. The game is based on the best-selling, award-winning book of the same name by Roberto Saviano and has a dramatic, choice-driven narrative set in the dark realm of the Italian mafia. The Gomorrah TV series's widespread success worldwide has helped the book's popularity soar.

Narrative RPG, Gomorrah, Launches Today on PC 

Nina Miniero must take over as the new head of the Familia and learn how to succeed her mafia boss father after a vicious attack on her family kills him. Players must guide Nina through her perilous new existence in the seedy Naples suburbs, where her morals will be tested, and the distinction between good and evil will become hazy.


  • A Classic Interactive Crime Drama: Experience a twisting tale, combining a provocative narrative with strategic management of clan resources. Pick your battles and make important decisions — your choices will determine where the story goes.
  • Branching Narrative Outcomes: Each decision leads down a unique path, eventually concluding with one of eight total possible endings. How will you choose to lead the family? Will you walk the path of peace — or claim your right to revenge?
  • Lead a Diverse Family: Each clan member has their own strengths and weaknesses. Train up your scagnozzo and use the right one for each job, or risk hurting the family.
  • Take on Unique Scenarios: Missions are procedurally generated, providing new challenges and surprises to discover with each playthrough.
  • Handcrafted Art Design: Watch the story unfold in style with epic visuals drawn by supremely talented comic artist Luca Negri.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRHQ_at02r4

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