June 4, 2023

Blood and Greed: Greedland Demo Impressions and Feedback

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Blood and Greed: Greedland Demo Impressions and Feedback

By Joel | June 4, 2023

Greedland, an indie game developed by VampHe, resembles your typical rogue-lite game, but in many ways, it isn't. It's a top-down shooter that delivers intense gameplay surrounded by beautifully designed graphics. The game's focus on its survival-like gameplay will test your limits, reflexes, and your strategic thinking, as you combat massive enemy waves using your wits, skill, and weapons.

Powered by the Unreal Engine 5, the game is brilliantly rendered and ensures that you're fully immersed in a world filled with danger and excitement. While each subsequent level might feel the same, each one comes with a brand new challenges, and the enemies you face become smarter, faster, and stronger.

Blood and Greed: Greedland Demo Impressions and Feedback

With Greedland, you'll find an adrenaline-fueled gaming experience that'll push you to the brink of sanity, all while giving you a profound appreciation for the beauty of indie games. This lush imagery, for example, contrasts with the game's survival premise and is structured like a well orchestrated song and dance. Enemies range from possessed frogs, crabs, to zombie-like turtles all hell-bent on making you the main course.

We've tried the demo and have come up with 10 suggestions to enhance the gameplay further.

  1. Opening Intro Scrolls Too Quickly: A crucial aspect of a good story is capturing the player's interest from the very beginning and giving them enough time to understand the context. Therefore, it is recommended that the opening introduction should scroll slower to allow players to fully comprehend the narrative and the reason behind their current situation.
  2. Movement feels slow: I'm facing some difficulty with my soldier's movement speed. It's quite perplexing as the enemy seems to outpace my soldier, which is not what I anticipated. I understand that soldiers move slower when shooting, but it appears as if my soldier is walking, taking away the intensity of the attacks. It would be great if my soldier could at least have a brisk walk or a slight jog. Although I'm aware that leveling up can enhance speed, it still feels sluggish and slow.
  3. Make the initial drop feel more compelling: Upon landing on the planet, enemy creatures immediately swarm towards the player. To allow players to familiarize themselves with the environment, I recommend providing a brief period for acclimation. This will allow players to view the interface, map, ship location, and surroundings before being attacked. Currently, players are attacked too quickly upon landing, leaving little time to explore the area or read all the required weapon descriptions.
  4. Enemy Swarms: To enhance the intensity and pace of the gameplay, my recommendation is to modify the size of the enemy sprites to make them smaller. Only in-game bosses and end of level bosses should be bigger. This adjustment can have a significant impact, particularly if you aim to replicate the faster and more frenzied swarms seen in "Vampire Survivors."
  5. Attack with the same-like enemies first: To create an engaging game, it's important to balance the player's survival instincts with their desire to be challenged. I suggest starting with an easy first wave of enemies to give players a sense of accomplishment and allow them to level up before facing tougher challenges that will ultimately follow. Currently, enemies attack all at once, even before the player has a chance to build up defenses, making the experience more frustrating than enjoyable.
  6. Graphics are to vibrant and colorful: I personally believe that games of this nature would benefit from a darker and more foreboding look. While the graphics here are undoubtedly impressive, they don't quite align with the intended tone of the gameplay. For example, playing Diablo amidst a backdrop of flowers and waterfalls would detract from the eerie and somber atmosphere that the game is meant to convey.
  7. Buggy Controls/Keyboard: I would like to bring to your attention a slight issue that may be resolved as we approach the release date. At present, navigating through the menus requires the use of both a controller and keyboard, which can be a bit inconvenient.
  8. Tool-Tips: Gamers can be quite particular and crave more details regarding the weapons, add-ons, and upgrades they have at their disposal. To cater to this, please add tool-tips that offer comprehensive explanations of each item's features. This will enable players to make informed decisions and take full advantage of the various options available to them.
  9. Option to Skip Upgrades and Re-roll: As gamers, we understand that individual preferences may differ. Some of us may want to skip certain upgrades or have the option to change our choices for an additional cost or credit. However, not being able to opt out of an upgrade negates the purpose of having variety, which is a hallmark of the genre's flexibility. Therefore, we request the option to skip an upgrade or re-roll for better choices to enhance our gaming experience.
  10. Streamlined Upgrade Path: Most players prioritize spending their time playing the game rather than getting bogged down in a convoluted upgrade path. Therefore, it's advisable to keep the upgrade path simple, clear, and efficient, enabling players to progress quickly and seamlessly return to the action. Overcomplicating the upgrade path should be avoided.

I hope the developers will wholeheartedly embrace these suggestions to elevate the gaming experience, resulting in greater enjoyment for all players. Greenland has already showcased a promising beginning, and it has the potential to surpass expectations and reach even greater heights.

You try out the demo on Steam.

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