March 9, 2024

Heading Out: A Road Trip Where the Story Drive You

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Heading Out: A Road Trip Where the Story Drive You

By Joel | March 9, 2024

Ditch the map and forget the GPS; Heading Out, by developer Serious Sim, is a game where the journey is everything, and the destination is where, wherever your heart decides. Based on the gameplay trailer, this isn't your typical race against time or the cops, but rather an odyssey across America where your personal narrative fuels every mile.

Watch the trailer HERE

Embark on a unique road trip across America with 'Heading Out', an immersive driving game and promises a journey fueled by personal narrative.

Your Adventure: Highway Choose Your Own Adventure

Heading Out stands out by making your driver a complex character with dreams, fears, and ambitions, ensuring no two trips down the asphalt are alike. Will you chase storms or sunsets? The narrative is yours to steer.

This game intertwines strategic gameplay with your road trip fantasies. From humble beginnings to managing fuel to tuning into radio stations that sing your praises or spread your infamy, every decision shapes your unique adventure and reputation. Will you become a legend or a ghost story? The trailer hints, that the choice is yours.

Your Legend: The Soundtrack of Your Journey

With an Americana soundtrack as your co-pilot, every turn and trial on the unpredictable western frontier feels like a scene from your personal movie, inspired by classics like Interstate '76, Driver, and Need for Speed.

If Heading Out lives up to the trailer's promises, it won't just be another game—it'll be proof that sometimes, the most memorable stories are found not at your destination, but on the cobbled roads getting there. So, buckle up, it's not just about where you're heading, but the tales you'll tell along the way.

Scheduled for release in May 2024, you can Wishlist Heading Out now and visit the game on Steam to stay updated on its journey to launch.

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