February 3, 2023

Homeworld 3 Now Has A Steam Page and What it Means to Me and RTS Players Everywhere

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Homeworld 3 Now Has A Steam Page and What it Means to Me and RTS Players Everywhere

By Joel | February 3, 2023

It has been a long time since I was able to say this, but the words I always wanted to hear have finally been spoken: Homeworld 3 has a Steam page.

The news has been spreading rapidly across the gaming community, from Twitch streamers to hardcore Homeworld fans. But what does this news mean for gamers and real-time strategy lovers everywhere? Here, I'll be talking about the wave of nostalgia that this news has brought, what it implies for the future of RTS games in general, and why I am optimistic about the future from the comfort of my past.

Homeworld 3 Now Has A Steam Page and What it Means to Me

Waves Of Nostalgia Have Never Rolled So Deep

That's right, folks, the classic RTS game, Homeworld 3, has finally received a Steam page. And let me tell you, it's brought back a wave of nostalgia for me and all those who played it back in the day.

The first Homeworld, for those that are too young to remember, was released back in 1999 by Relic Game Studios, and was hailed as one of the classics of its time. It was praised for its innovative gameplay, real 3D space X/Y axis, beautiful graphics, and an immersive story line.

The game was even nominated for Game Of The Year by numerous gaming publictions and entertainment outlets, so when news of its Steam page started to spread, many real-time-strategy fans took noticed and rejoiced.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that Homeworld is perfect by any means. In fact, it has its own specific flaws and shortcomings. But I will say that this release brings back some great memories for a lot of us old-school gamers and that's something that cannot be denied.

One of the great things about Homeworld 3 on Steam is that it allows modders to create new content for the game without any restrictions or difficulties. This means that there are tons of potential mods waiting to be created from cheat codes to entire new campaign and scenarios. Plus, with Homeworld now available on Steam, there's no stopping players from trying out different strategies and tactics all together in one go.

Speaking of which, another big reason why I'm super excited about this release is because of how well it stands up against modern graphical standards, something which many believe is impossible due to its age (not to mention licensing issues). However, thanks to dedicated modders and creators, Homeworld now looks better than ever before.

Last but not least, we can't forget about the amazing soundtracks. Back when Homeworld first came out, its original soundtracks were nothing short of revolutionary. They were so good in fact that they still hold up today as some of the best music ever created for an RTS game (or any video game for that matter).

Evolving Franchise

Homeworld was an early example of a space exploration, resource gathering, and battle simulator. Since its release, the game has undergone several updates and revisions, most recently in 2017.

The game has had a significant impact on the gaming culture as a whole as well and has helped to define the genre of space combat and strategy games that we now enjoy. It's also had an impact on modern video games in terms of graphics and storyline design.

First off, it's worth noting that Homeworld is still loved by many gamers today. This isn't just nostalgia talking as there are plenty of people out there who continue to enjoy playing the game despite its age. With updated graphics and mechanics, it's possible to experience all of the classic features of this beloved title without ever having played it originally.

Another big topic is how updates to the Steam version will impact longtime players of Homeworld. Although some players may be upset with certain changes, such as the lack of meaningful races, most people overall seem excited about what's coming down the pipeline for this classic title.

Last but not least, we'll be discussing the potential development opportunities for Homeworld in terms of further expanding on its story and gameplay mechanics. Is there potential for incorporating newer elements into an existing story or developing entirely new genres within the world of Homeworld? There are endless possibilities for what can be done with this amazing title.

Betting on the Future from the Memories of my Past

First and foremost, any release of an RTS game, whether big or small, shows that there is still an immense amount of interest in this type of game. Even after all these years, the original Homeworld is still loved by many gamers and is evident by the fact that a Steam page has been created, which is something that would have been unimaginable just a few years ago.

Second, it demonstrates how modern RTS games are heavily influenced by the legacy of Homeworld. Many developers today are able to draw upon its lessons in order to create new and innovative games that continue to captivate players. For instance, Diablo III features a similar world map layout as Homeworld, while Starcraft II features a unit selection screen somewhat inspired by those seen in Homeworld 2.

Third, renewed interest in old classics often results in new fans being drawn into these genres. For instance, Blizzard Entertainment's release of World of Warcraft Classic earlier this year has led to an influx of new players into the game world (and other MMORPGs). Similarly, with plans for a revived version of Homeworld on PS4 coming soon, there's sure to be even more newcomers looking into this classic RTS game.

Homeworld 3 Now Has A Steam Page and What it Means to Me

A New Dawn For Real Time Strategy?

For those of you who haven't played Homeworld yet, it's a sci-fi real time strategy game that revolves around commanding a squad of ships in space. You must strategically fight your way through enemy forces in order to save your ship and survive the galaxy-wide assault.

Since its release, Homeworld has seen massive improvements both visually and gameplay-wise. Gone are the days when games in this genre were plagued by terrible graphics or unresponsive controls, today's RTS games are some of the most polished and well-designed titles out there.

This resurgence in popularity could mean big things for the future of RTS gaming, especially given that there are already plans underway for further quality remasters and new releases.

One of the benefits of nostalgia is that it can be very powerful marketing tool. For instance, Take On Mars! released as part of Steam's Winter Sale last year was originally created as an homage to Homeworld even featuring ships from that series as one of its main factions. This kind of dedication to fan service can go a long way towards keeping players hooked on your game long after they've finished it and it's something that all developers should take note of.

If successful, this would be huge news for fans of these two iconic franchises and for all RTS gamers out there, who could finally enjoy high-quality competitive multiplayer experiences without having to invest hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars on custom-made mods or servers. With so much potential at stake, we can't wait to see what comes next from developers and players alike regarding real-time strategy games.

I'm Coming Home

As we have seen, the genre of real-time strategy games is as alive and kicking more than ever. With innovative ideas being introduced by developers and a steady stream of new titles coming out, there is no doubt that real-time strategy games will remain popular for many years to come despite what the naysayers might conclude.

Still, if you are looking for a new way to explore your strategic prowess or revive fond memories from the past, now is the perfect time to jump on board, take charge and lay down your battle plans. Wish-list Homeworld 3 now, and let's make history again.

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