March 27, 2023

Want to Run a Magical Inn with Your Friends? Get Innchanted Today

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Want to Run a Magical Inn with Your Friends? Get Innchanted Today

By Nick | March 27, 2023

Twin Sails Interactive and DragonBear Studios have released their co-operative innkeeping game, Innchanted, on Steam today. Customers can purchase it for 16.99 USD / 14.23 GBP / 25.07 AUD, with a special 15% discount available until April 3 (19.99 USD / 16.75 GBP / 29.50 AUD without the discount). Those interested are encouraged to watch the new launch trailer and embark upon a chaotic adventure of cooking, serving food, managing and upgrading an inn while keeping customers happy.

Trailer: YouTube

Launch the Innchanted adventure today, and enjoy running a magical inn with your friends on Steam!

Yarrul's family inn must be reclaimed by proving one’s innkeeping skills. Players are invited to team up with friends and/or an AI companion to manage and upgrade the lodging, brew potions, fish, cook, serve food to customers, discover new recipes, and defend the inn in this magical experience.

The player must tackle a variety of challenges in order to turn their inn into a roaring success. The game is inspired by Indigenous Australian tales, and involves discovering new layouts, adventures and mechanics each day. To succeed, they must counter the wizard's monsters and schemes while also satisfying the food critic, charming locals sustainably fishing, being kind to others and assisting fellow villagers in need.

Key Features:

  • Run a Magical Inn with Friends: Play solo with a delegable AI companion or in a group of up to four players in multiplayer (online or local) to save your inn from the evil wizard landlord across over 50 levels. Work together to brew potions, fish, cook, serve food, and defend your inn from monsters and CatBurglars!
  • Take a Break with Nightly R&R: As night falls, take the time to unwind from the serving rush. Chat with customers, uncover more of the story, practice your skills, and choose a nighttime activity which could prove either helpful or hilarious on your next shift.
  • Fully Upgrade & Customize Your Inn: Make your inn more powerful with improved services and equipment, and decorate it with a variety of tables, paintings, rugs and cute Aussie animals to add a personal touch!
  • Enjoy an Imaginative Fantasy Land: Dive into a beautiful, heartfelt fantasy world full of amazing creatures, magical spirits, and lively locals inspired by Indigenous Australian tales. In this pun- and fun-filled quest, you’ll fight to protect your inn, learn local customs, fish carefully, be good to others, and help out your neighbors!

DragonBear Studios, based in Melbourne, Australia, has debuted Innchanted. This distinct title is inspired by Indigenous artists, writers, and musicians that feature in the development team. Incredible artwork, narrative and characters create a humorous experience for players as they work together to defeat the evil landlord.

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