May 14, 2023

Kaiju Catastrophe Demo Impressions and Feedback

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Kaiju Catastrophe Demo Impressions and Feedback

By Joel | May 14, 2023

Are you tired of games where you're the good guy? Gigatank 3000's upcoming new release, Kaiju Catastrophe, lets you embrace your inner monster and wreak havoc on humanity. This indie game takes genetic manipulation to a new level, creating massive beasts armed with devastating attacks, permanent evolutions, and one nasty temper tantrum.

Kaiju Catastrophe Demo Impressions and Feedback

As you rampage through procedurally generated cities, you'll have a growing selection of kaiju creatures to choose from, allowing you to cause as much destruction as possible. Show the humans what true devastation looks like before succumbing to your injuries. Trust us, if this game is executed correctly, it could be the ultimate stress reliever.

We want to share our ideas below to improve the gameplay of the Kaiju Catastrophe. Our humble suggestions will, hopefully, make the game a sensation among Kaiju fans worldwide.


  • It would be great to enhance Kaiju's animation by adding more frames to make their movement more natural and seamless. The present limitation of diagonal direction seems abrupt, so incorporating it would significantly improve the overall look and feel.
  • To improve immersion, adding smoke to ruined buildings would show the extent of Kaiju destruction. However, I also understand that there needs to be a balance between visuals with performance, so smoke in every other city block could be a compromise and still create that type of destructive immersion.
  • Kaiju's that can jump and stomp on the ground should be able to leave cracks and small craters on the ground.


Let's talk about an area that could use some improvement: the weapon and upgrade system. While it's decent, there's room for tweaking to bring it up to the level of other games in the Vampire-like genre. I'll provide suggestions for weapons based on the kaiju/monster theme.

  • Currently the fire breathing effect is ok, but needs more 'oomph!' to it as it feels fairly tame. More colors and effects to this can make it look more devastating.
  • To enhance the impact of the Kaiju's roar, consider making it appear as if the sound is emanating from the creature's body outward. Additionally, adding a glow to the Kaiju's chest area before the roar, like Godzilla does before unleashing his energy blast, could heighten the ominous effect.
  • It might be useful to incorporate an area of effect damage for the other creatures. With the praying mantis Kaiju on the horizon, it would make sense for it to spawn smaller mantises that can scurry around and assault both soldiers and tanks.
  • A possible strategy for Kaiju to cause more damage could be to use their tails for a tail stomp or other similar attacks.

Quality of Life Suggestion

  • In the event that the Kaiju stray from the city and begin wreaking havoc in the neighborhood, it would be good to see that civilians take a stand and defend their homes against the destructive creatures instead of rooting for them.
  • A possible way to add more strategic depth to the game's mechanics is by causing collateral damage to both Kaiju and civilians as a result of a nuclear factory explosion.
  • It could be considered that Kaiju could acquire small incremental health by catching fleeing humans and consuming them as a minor health boost.
  • I've observed that there are trees and open areas present in the city. It might be a good idea to set them on fire and let them spread slowly throughout the city and neighborhood; thus, leaving a trail of fire and destruction behind.
  • A great way to improve the leveling up experience would be to incorporate a visual element, like having the Kaiju emit a radiant glow as it progresses, similar to the chest containers found in Vampire Survivors.
  • Include small animations of civilians who flee and those who fight the monsters.
  • For optimal protection, grouping jets and helicopters together is not recommended, as it can make them more vulnerable to destruction. Instead, deploying them in separate swarms that cover different angles and areas is preferable. The same principle applies to tanks.
  • I've noticed that the game slows down quite a bit when there's a lot of action happening, which makes me think there might be a resource or memory leak. I'm hopeful that the developers are already working on optimizing the game engine to address this issue.
  • It would be great to have Kaiju and Monsters featured as the ultimate end bosses, if feasible.

You can check out the demo here.

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