September 10, 2023

King Kong's Growth Spurt: 5 Theories Behind the Giant Size

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King Kong's Growth Spurt: 5 Theories Behind the Giant Size

By Nick | September 10, 2023

King Kong was the original influencer before Instagram was even a twinkle in the digital space. Before we had colossal superheroes and space-faring rogues, we had this gigantic ape who knew how to pull heartstrings just as well as he swatted planes out of the sky. Born in the Golden Age of Hollywood in 1933, Kong scaled not only the Empire State Building but also the heights of cinematic fame.

Why was Kong the size of a skyscraper while others were mere average? Let's dive into the theories behind the gigantic growth of cinema's most famous ape.

The mere thought of this beast captures our collective imaginations, illustrating love, adventure, tragedy, and man's age-old penchant for poking (or capturing) things better left alone. This skyscraper-sized simian didn’t just leave his mark on the silver screen; he cemented himself as an enduring icon of movie culture, reminding us all that sometimes, our most colossal stories come from the wildest places.

In this piece, we'll not only uncover the roots of Kong's gigantic charm but also unmask the secret behind his, shall we say, larger-than-life physique.

1. Prehistoric Proportions

While other apes were mastering the art of banana-peeling, perhaps Kong had a secret stash of prehistoric protein. Some scientists speculate that Kong might be a descendant of gigantopithecus – a real-life prehistoric giant ape that once roamed our planet. If Kong shares genes with this extinct primate, that would account for his skyscraper stature.

2. The (Reverse) Island Effect

Island biogeography often results in weird size adaptations. On islands, big creatures can become small (think dwarf elephants) and small creatures can become big (like the Komodo dragon). Maybe Skull Island had some reverse island magic that super-sized its star tenant. With a lack of predators and an abundance of food, Kong had all the room (and reason) to grow.

3. Radioactive Routines

What if Skull Island was a hotspot for natural radiation? We've seen what radiation can do to lizards (looking at you, Godzilla). Maybe Kong had a similar fate, with radiation acting as his personal growth serum. It's not the best spa treatment recommendation, but hey, it seemed to work wonders for Kong's vertical development.

4. A Simple Matter of Diet

Remember that spinach did wonders for Popeye's biceps? Maybe Kong found the equivalent for primates on Skull Island. A secret superfood diet could be the key behind his impressive size. Those Skull Island smoothies might just contain some unique growth-boosting ingredients.

Explore the diets of certain primates

5. Pure Movie Magic

Let's not dismiss the power of cinematic creativity. After all, a larger-than-life ape makes for more dramatic storytelling. Bigger roars, bigger footprints, and bigger battles. Why settle for a tree-sized ape when you can have one that challenges airplanes atop the Empire State Building?

For more fascinating insights into movie myths and legends, click here

King of the Jungle

While we might never pin down the true reason for King Kong's exceptional growth, it's fun to theorize. From ancient genes to island anomalies, there's no shortage of ideas. Whatever the cause, one thing's for sure: when it comes to cinema's primate elite, King Kong stands heads, shoulders, and several stories above the rest.

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