June 27, 2023

From Camp Counselor to Heroic Leader - Kingdom Eighties (Steam ) Review

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From Camp Counselor to Heroic Leader - Kingdom Eighties (Steam ) Review

By Nick | June 27, 2023
Kingdom Eighties stands as a standalone expansion that both honors the legacy of the original Kingdom series and offers a fresh experience for newcomers.

If you're a fan of the Kingdom series, prepare to embark on a neon-infused journey back in time with Kingdom Eighties, the standalone expansion developed by Fury Studios and published by Raw Fury.

Building upon the success of its predecessors, this single-player adventure introduces players to a micro-strategy and base building experience that embraces the vibrant aesthetics and cultural nostalgia of the 1980s. As The Leader, a young camp counselor, you must defend your town and family from the relentless Greed, who seek to steal your family legacy, the Crown of Creation.

From Camp Counselor to Heroic Leader -  Kingdom Eighties (Steam ) Review

Rule the Neon Kingdom

Kingdom Eighties is remarkable for its ability to capture the essence of the 80s with impeccable style and flair. The game perfectly embraces the neon lights, synthesizer-heavy soundtracks, and pop culture references that defined the era.

With pixel art graphics that exude retro charm and witty humor sprinkled throughout the game, Kingdom Eighties truly immerses players in a nostalgic journey that is sure to please fans of the era.

While the nostalgic appeal of Kingdom Eighties is undeniable, there are some drawbacks that may detract from the overall enjoyment of the game. One major issue is its brevity, which may disappoint players.

With a completion time of only around four to five hours, it feels noticeably shorter than its predecessor and lacks the same level of depth and exploration. As a result, some players may feel unsatisfied and yearn for a more extensive and intricate gameplay experience.

Although the gameplay mechanics are solid, they feel somewhat repetitive and fail to introduce enough new elements to keep players captivated throughout the entire experience. While newcomers to the series might not find this particularly relevant, for those of us familiar with it, this installment appears to exhibit a slight decline in production quality.

Still, I found Kingdom Eighties to be an enjoyable game, however it falls short of the level of fun and engagement that the first game in the series provided as it lacks the same strategic complexity and variety that made its predecessor so compelling.

From Camp Counselor to Heroic Leader -  Kingdom Eighties (Steam ) Review

Neon Lights and Pixel Might

Overall however, Kingdom Eighties is a praiseworthy effort to enhance the popular Kingdom series with a nostalgic touch. Although the game falls short in terms of duration and fails to match the same level of pleasure as its predecessor, its witty humor and 80s charm make it an experience worth recommending.

With a few more added refinements and additional content, Kingdom Eighties still has the potential to become an extraordinary standalone expansion. Nevertheless, it caters best to those who are new to the game and eager to embark on their journey in the captivating Kingdom universe.

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