November 13, 2023

KO.DLL Unleashes a Retro-Gaming Gem in Bzzzt

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KO.DLL Unleashes a Retro-Gaming Gem in Bzzzt

By Rafie Rhee | November 13, 2023

KO.DLL, the indie game developer renowned for their innovative creations, proudly presents their latest offering, Bzzzt. This exhilarating "jump-dash-run" retro game combines a nostalgic aesthetic with modern-day design elements, all meticulously crafted by the talented solo developer Karel Matejka, known in the gaming community as Ko.dll.

Discover Bzzzt, the latest retro game by indie developer KO.DLL and immerse yourself in a pixel precision platformer inspired by 80s gaming

Unraveling Secrets in the Lab

Travel back in time with Bzzzt, an enchanting pixel-art precision platformer that pays homage to the beloved gaming designs of the 80s. Immerse yourself in a fresh adventure inspired by the tech revolution of that era as KO.DLL transports players to a world of excitement and challenges.

Prepare for an extraordinary journey set in the year 4096. Enter a top-secret laboratory where inventive Doctor Emily and world-renowned Professor Norbert collaborate on a highly classified project. Their combined intellect has given birth to ZX8000, a pint-sized robot with an AI personality of epic proportions. Standing no taller than a household toaster, ZX8000 is ready to save humanity, conquering one platform challenge at a time!

Discover Bzzzt, the latest retro game by indie developer KO.DLL and immerse yourself in a pixel precision platformer inspired by 80s gaming

A Robot Hero for the Ages

Bzzzt caters to players of all skill levels, offering a range of gameplay options to suit individual preferences. Whether you prefer a casual experience or crave the intensity of hardcore difficulty, Bzzzt has you covered.

With its intuitive controls, players can push their limits in time challenges and compete for supremacy on global and friends leaderboards. Traverse-rich environments that seamlessly evolve with innovative game mechanics. And for the ultimate skill test, dare to activate the optional permadeath mode.

Discover Bzzzt on Steam at and embark on a quest to foil the nefarious plans of Badbert, the diabolical mad scientist. Are you Bzzzt enought to do it?

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