May 15, 2023

Amazon Game Studios Takes a Stab at a Lord of the Rings MMO

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Amazon Game Studios Takes a Stab at a Lord of the Rings MMO

By Nick | May 15, 2023

Hold onto your swords, hobbits and elves, because Amazon game studios is taking another shot at bringing Middle-earth to life in their upcoming Lord of the Rings MMO. Yes, you read that right. If the first time didn't quite cut it, why not give it another go?

Amazon Game Studios Takes Another Stab at a Lord of the Rings MMO

It has been confirmed that Tencent and Leyou, the former developer, are not involved in the upcoming Lord Of The Rings game, and Amazon has instead teamed up with Embracer Group, a prominent Swedish company that acquired the licensing rights to the franchise in 2020.

With Christoph Hartmann, Amazon Games vice president, at the helm, fans can rest assured that their favorite Middle-earth characters will be given a fresh, exciting makeover. And honestly, who better to take on this world-renowned franchise than the folks at Amazon? They already own the world and might as well add Middle-earth to their collection.

With the success of Amazon's hit show and it's focus on sheer entertainment, it's clear that interest in the world of Middle-earth is still burning bright. And with the studio's commitment to creating a rich, immersive gaming experience, it's safe to say we'll be in for a treat. So gather your fellowship, and prepare to journey once again into the epic lands of J.R.R. Tolkien's beloved universe.

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