May 13, 2023

Mars Tactics: The Game That Proves You Don't Need Oxygen to Win Battles

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Mars Tactics: The Game That Proves You Don't Need Oxygen to Win Battles

By Rafie Rhee | May 13, 2023

As an experienced virtual warrior, I am thoroughly pumped for the epic battle that awaits me in Mars Tactics. Indie developer, Takibi Games, and publisher Hooded Horse, have masterfully blended turn-based tactics with expansive strategy, all set against the intricate landscape of the Red Planet, Mars. It's a thrilling departure from the norm, and the option to select between the Capital or Labor factions only serves to amplify the excitement.

Mars Tactics: The Game That Proves You Don't Need Oxygen to Win Battles

The visuals in Mars Tactics are undeniably impressive. The way the soldiers react to being hit is particularly captivating, as they struggle to maintain their balance when injured. It's akin to witnessing a big-budget science fiction film unfold right in front of me. The gameplay is a delightful homage to tactical game enthusiasts who relish classic titles like X-COM and Silent Storm.

But what about the gameplay, you ask? Players can revel in destructible terrains that provide excellent cover and thrilling animations. And let's face it, who doesn't enjoy tossing an explosive grenade on an empty patch of land to craft a makeshift foxholes for their soldiers? Also, the game stand-out to me for one particular reason: there are no restrictions on the number of units you can have in a battle, which means that you have the potential to recruit and command a massive army, creating an unparalleled battle royal experience.

But what really sets Mars Tactics apart is the range of strategies and possibilities available making every turn unique and full of excitement. The immense power wielded by the player in this game carries with it an equally significant responsibility as well. The bullet physics, for example, that is incorporated into the gameplay are realistic, physics based, and demand precision and accuracy. One must exercise caution, as a missed shot can have detrimental effects on both comrades and unsuspecting civilians so you really have to be on your toes to succeed in this game or face utter defeat.

If there's one caveat to the demo, it is the wonky camera angles that moves haphazardly between turns. But the game is still early, so I'm sure this will get resolved before its full release. All in all however, I don't doubt that Mars Tactics is on track to become a successor to legendary Silent Storm, and I can't wait to get my hands on it and immerse myself in its large-scale warfare. If you're curious, it may be worth checking out the demo to see what all the excitement is about.

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