August 15, 2020

Mommy, Hold Me - Terrordrome: Reign of Legends Review

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Mommy, Hold Me - Terrordrome: Reign of Legends Review

By Joel | August 15, 2020
Mommy, Hold Me - Terrordrome: Reign of Legends Review

Who's Afraid of Monsters?

This might be the weird supernatural experience we've all dreamt about. Built around the solid Unity Engine, Terrordrome - Reign of the Legends by developer Huracan Studio has Tekken-like controls, Mortal Kombat-style fatalities, and plenty of options that will keep the ghoulish entertained. If you ever sat back and wondered who would win in a fight between Dr. Frankenstein's monster and Sasquatch, then this game is for you.

Five characters are available to play as of writing this review, but a total of twelve will be available between now and the final release date. The characters are based on some of the most acclaimed monsters from horror films, pulp fiction, and modern-day folklore, including Dr. Frankenstein's monster, Van Helsing, Sasquatch, and Bloody Mary. The whole concept is nicely packaged and offers a solid fighting game that stands on its own merit.

Terrordrome: Reign of Legends is solid title with an entertaining premise. It's not as deep or complex as other fighting games, but it certainly is fun

Monster Mash

Drawing you into the heated battles are well-detailed characters and smooth animations. Although the characters do not have the awesome shading and details that most triple-A fighting games, the cartoonish animation is more delightful than any fighting game to date. The arenas and background, however, are rather bland and lifeless which is a stark contrast to the characters on the screen. Keep in mind that the game is still in Early Access, so a lot can change between now and the official release.

Controls are responsive and the onscreen action feels fluid, but the controller setup does take a bit of getting used to. Terrordrome has the potential to be a deep fighting game, but the depth is somewhat limited by the archaic fighting system which relies too heavily on button memorization instead of spontaneous gameplay. The music and sound effects which include some nice upbeat tunes are ideally suited for cracking heads and breaking bones.

Terrordrome: Reign of Legends is solid title with an entertaining premise. It's not as deep or complex as other fighting games, but it certainly is fun

A Monster of a Game

As with most fighting games, Terrordrome offers online and offline play. There's even a nice little practice mode available, allowing players to work on specific areas of interest. Want to string together a combo move or counter an attack? No problem.

Other nifty touches like fatalities and cool Matrix-like slow-motion effects round off the impressive graphical presentation. Although these effects won't win any points for originality, fans of fighting games, or most importantly, those interested in Hollywood-type monsters will find Terrordrome - Reign of the Legends quite thrilling.

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