April 13, 2023

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Medieval Slasher, MORDHAU, Free on Epic Game Store

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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! Medieval Slasher, MORDHAU, Free on Epic Game Store

By Nick | April 13, 2023

Tidings of great joy, for Mordhau, the medieval multiplayer slasher game, is currently free on the Epic Game Store! Forsooth, such an opportunity to engage in medieval mayhem cannot be missed!

Medieval Slasher, MORDHAU, Free on Epic Game Store

As a mercenary, thou shalt don thy finest armor and wield thy trusty blade in a fictional yet realistic world. Join the fray on a hectic battlefield of up to 80 players, where thou shalt experience the thrill of melee combat like never before. 'Tis a brutal and satisfying affair, leaving thee with a lust for more battles to come.

But heed my words, dear friends, for the clock is ticking. This chance to claim Mordhau for free shall not last beyond April 20th. So, take up thy weapon and make haste to the battlefield, for the time to join in the fun is now!

Engage in sieges, duels, and battles that shall test thy mettle and leave thee breathless. Thou shalt be immersed in a world of medieval warfare, where the clashing of swords and the sound of clanking armor shall be music to thine ears.

Whether thou prefer to fight in first or third-person perspective, Mordhau shall not disappoint. The gameplay is engaging and challenging, with an ever-increasing level of difficulty that shall keep thee coming back for more.

So, what sayest thou, my fellow warriors? Shall we don our armor and charge into the fray, swords at the ready? For Mordhau beckons us to adventure, humor, and epic battles that shall stay with us for all time. But remember, the free game ends soon, so let us make haste and claim our prize!

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