January 28, 2023

Have $1000 to Spend? The Most Expensive Card Bundle on Steam.

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Have $1000 to Spend? The Most Expensive Card Bundle on Steam.

By Nick | January 28, 2023

Who can resist the siren song of 75+ different card games, all bundled together and available on the Steam Store? If you're like me, an average person who enjoys card games but isn't quite head-over-heels in love with them, then you might think twice when you get to the store and see that this bundle of classic card games is priced at over $1200.00.

Have $1000.00 to spend? The most expensive card bundle on Steam.

Sure, there are some serious card game aficionados out there who will jump right on this deal, lest they miss their chance. But for us regular folk, it's just downright hilarious to think that anyone would consider shelling out such an absurd amount of money for a collection of digital cards.

Granted, many of the games included are not card games, the majority are. Also, be wary that many of the games are simply sequels to the original. i.e. card game #1, card game #2. etc. which you can purchase separately for less than a dollar.

So if you're in the market for some serious card gaming skills (or maybe just a bit crazy?), this one's definitely for you!

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