May 18, 2023

We Want Mur! Murtop (Steam) Review

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We Want Mur! Murtop (Steam) Review

By Joel | May 18, 2023

Back in the 80s and way before the home consoles changed the gaming landscape, kids played games at the local arcades. These dingy-smoked filled rooms not only captured the sense of competition and community but offered an escape and, most importantly, a home for many kids still figuring out what to do with their lives in a complicated grown-up world.

We Want Mur! Murtop (Steam) Review

Maze and Mayhem

As an avid gamer, there's an indescribable sense of nostalgia that washes over you when you play a game that takes you back in time. Murtop, by Hiulit Game Studios, an indie developer, and published by Flynn's Arcade Publishing, is a tribute to the classic arcade games of the past.

With its action-packed gameplay, delightful graphics, and synthesized sound effects, you'll be transported back to an era when gaming was solely about having fun. In this review, I'll share my thoughts on this one-of-a-kind indie game that blends tactical mechanics with fast-paced arcade gameplay.

In Murtop, you play Murti, an endearing furry character with an extraordinary talent for pooping bombs. With over 250 single-stage levels, your mission is to defend your underground world against an invasion of carrot-craving moles by battling through waves of them. The game seamlessly blends the fascinating aspects of 2D mazes with arcade-style gameplay, resulting in an exclusive and delightful experience.

Like Namco's Dig-Dug, Murtop boasts a stimulating experience that poses a challenge as the waves of foes intensify after each level. The game encourages quick reflexes and dexterous playing by offering power-ups and upgrades that give you a competitive advantage. Additionally, the game's exclusive bomb-pooping feature calls for strategic planning since you need to detonate your bombs, ala Bomberman, at the right moment to eliminate several adversaries simultaneously without taking collateral damage yourself.

Dig Deep and Blow High

Aesthetically, Murtop is a game that catches the eye with its colorful and charming graphics. The retro-style visuals create a nostalgic feel featuring vivid colors and pixelated characters. There's even an option for CRT filtering to mimic the look of an arcade cabinet. The sound design is equally impressive, offering catchy tunes and satisfying effects that enhance the overall ambiance of the game.

Overall, Murtop gives players more than a gaming experience; it gives gamers joy and inspires talented developers and publishers like Flynn's Arcade, the motivation to capture that type of feeling in a game. So, if you're a fan of classic arcade titles, Murtop is a must-play indie game that will keep you entertained for hours. The charming graphics and challenging gameplay all come together nicely to capture the innocent spirit of an industry that has long since passed.

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