April 18, 2023

Digging Up the Past: Murpot is a Loving Tribute to Dig Dug and Bomberman

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Digging Up the Past: Murpot is a Loving Tribute to Dig Dug and Bomberman

By Joel | April 18, 2023

What do you get when you cross Dig-Dug with Bomberman? The answer is Murtop, the arcade game from indie developer Hiulit Game Studios. The title is a love letter to the classic arcade games of the 80s, where action-packed gameplay was the game's name. With Murtop, you'll help Murti save the world from an invasion of carrot-hungry moles using her unique bomb-pooping skills!

Digging Up the Past: Murpot is a Loving Tribute to Dig Dug and Bomberman

But Murtop isn't just a simple arcade game you can beat in one sitting. Instead, it features an extensive list of 256 single-screen time-limited stages, each more challenging than the last. And for the truly hardcore retro arcade players out there, Murtop even has a kill screen. Yes, you heard that right, a kill screen.

It's no surprise that old-school retro arcade enthusiasts will absolutely 'dig' this game. The graphics, music, controls, and gameplay are a nostalgic homage to the days of frantically searching for quarters between the couch cushions. And as the gaming world evolves with technological advancements, it's comforting to know that some will always remain timeless classics.

Thanks to developers like Hiulit Game Studios and publisher Flynn's Arcade, the spirit of nostalgia is still alive and well. With every bomb pooped and mole blasted away, players can relive the glory days when arcade cabinets lined the walls of every bowling alley and pizza parlor. So grab your joystick, turn up the volume on those tapes, and fold up the sleeves on your Member's Only jacket. It's time to save the world one pixel at a time.

Murtop will be released on May 18, 2023 for the Nintendo Switch and on Steam. Make sure to check out the trailer and wishlist now!

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