March 29, 2022

New Content? A Few Reasons Why You Should Republish Your Old Gaming Content

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New Content? A Few Reasons Why You Should Republish Your Old Gaming Content

By Nick | March 29, 2022

What's old is what's new again

Gaming content can often be timeless. Just because a game has been out for a while doesn’t mean that the content you created around it is old or obsolete. In fact, many gaming content created in the past still has some relevance to it since gaming, in general, hasn't changed.
So if you have some old blog articles that you feel has some pertinent information for the reader, spruce it up bit with up-to-date information and re-share it with the world.
Here are several more reasons why you should consider republishing your old gaming content:

1. It Helps Keep Your Gaming Blog Fresh

republishing old content, a girl thinking about writing content
Keeping your blog fresh is essential to maintaining a readership. By republishing old content, you can keep your blog active and interesting without having to spend a lot of time creating new content from scratch.
republishing old content, a girl thinking about writing content

2. Previously Used Articles Highlights Your Expertise in the Field

If you're an expert on a particular topic, whether it is retro gaming, indie games, or a tech junkie in general, then republishing your old content is a great way to show off your expertise.
When you republish old content, you can include updated information that reflects your current knowledge and understanding of the topic. This shows your audience that you're constantly learning and growing in your field, and that you're committed to writing about current trends that may impact gamers in general.

3. Your Audience is Still Active and Interested in Your Previous Games and thoughts

Even though you may have stopped writing about your old games a while ago, your gaming audience is still out there and interested in owning and reading about them. In fact, many gamers are actually returning to older titles that they may have missed the first time around or have forgotten in their backlogs.
Despite the game or games being a few years old, you can still attract and engage a gaming audience by writing about them. Truth be told, older titles may even have more appeal to some gamers than newer ones especially if you provide some noteworthy game guides, maps, or user created content. By doing so, you can make something old, new again without having to rewrite the whole thing.
republishing old content, a picture of a printing press

4. Older games still look and play great! (At Least some of them)

Just because a game is old doesn’t mean that it can’t look or play great. With the right tweaks, mods, and updates, an older game can look even better than some of the newer titles on the market. If the game is still relevant, say Grand Theft Auto, for example, then it is still a very relevant game to write about.

Writing about it and your experiences with the GTA community, for instance, will help you connect with others who also are GTA aficionados. This logic applies to other games out there.

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